Awfully Chocolate @ VivoCity Singapore

Every time my husband and I pass through Senopati Street in Jakarta, we are always intrigued by this stark white store with such minimalist & utterly chic interiors (SO my style!).  It had only one sign: “Awfully Chocolate.”  And I always think, whatever is in there must be awfully delicious

Awfully Chocolate Cake & Hei Ice Cream
image: Awfully Chocolate

image: Awfully Chocolate

Since we weren’t able to celebrate my hubby’s birthday (he had to leave for a work related trip) I had to do something special the next time I see him in Sing. And a cake, a wish and candle-blowing is a must, no matter how belated.

The plan was for us to have dinner with some friends then pass by for cake and ice cream. Our choices were between the Katong Mall and VivoCity branches, because they were the only one’s that closed a bit late (Katong 9pm, Vivo 10pm). Ultimately decided on Vivo because #1 it said in the site it was the newly opened global branch (it should be quite impressive then?) #2 Our host said there was a bus that went from his flat to VivoCity mall.

I got in touch with Awfully Chocolate Singapore via email to inform them about the surprise for my hubby, reserve a cake with candle and a table. They also said they could write a greeting with buttercream on the cake – perfect! However since it was a cake take-out concept store they could not reserve a table. They only have a few high tables for dine-in customers and it can get pretty crowded.

I was pleased with how quick they replied. The cake was good, not too sweet, but it paled in comparison to how delicious the Hei ice cream was. Next time it should be one or the other. So sad they don’t have the ice cream available in the Senopati branch. Waaaah!

Hei premium dark chocolate ice cream pint (S$ 11.80). It may look small but with its super packed dense creamy chocolate-goodness, it’s good enough for 4-5 people!

Birthday cake for hubby: All Chocolate 6″ original dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate fudge   (S$ 25.80). They have big and small candles for free but they DON’T have lighters/matches so bring your own.

We were lucky enough to get a table, but it was pretty crowded, they don’t have plates for a cake. It was a good thing they had a few plastic containers. Next time I will try take away at another branch. Even though this is their so-called global branch, it is tiny and lacking of the charm of other branches (like Senopati). It feels wrong to enjoy such luxurious and decadent food in a crowded mall stall, which is how it felt to me. Zero for ambiance. Any recommendations on which Awfully Chocolate store to go to next time I’m in Sing?  Must go back to try the Chocolate Truffle Slice.

Awfully Chocolate VivoCity
1 HarbourFront Walk
01-156 VivoCity Singapore 098585
T: (65) 6410 9725
F: (65) 6224 5507

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    Love the cake at Awfully Chocolate!! :) It’s very near my office in Senopati, so it’s always an option for anyone’s b’day.

    And, about the Hei Ice Cream, where can I find it? Is it also in Vivo City?

    • says

      I was told that the one is Senopati is closed already? Is it true? Actually once you try the Hei ice cream, the cake pales in comparison. Unfortunately they don’t have hei in Jakarta yet. So just tried it in Vivo city singapore


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