Body Bumpin’ in VivoCity, Singapore

Image: Till His Kingdom Come

I had a pretty unpleasant experience last night. I was going to surprise my husband with a birthday cake at Awfully Chocolate’s newest global branch in VivoCity, Singapore. I totally regretted choosing this particular branch (I guess “newest” and “global branch” don’t necessarily mean it’s the best). Walking around the mall was an absolute nightmare. And for some reason people didn’t look where they were going! It’s like playing dodgeball, trying avoid these people who just ram into at you! How rude. No concept of staying in your “lane” (usually right in the Philippines or left in Indonesia) or just being conscious that there are other people around you. So anyway I told myself the next time I’d encounter someone not looking where he/she is going, I’d just stop and give them time to notice me and to veer away.

So we were on the way out when this ugly (in my mind she was), high-heeled, sequin-clad girl was talking to her friend while bearing down on me. I stopped and looked at her politely. The girl didn’t even pause, she hit the left side of my body full force and let out some bitchy remark. It sounded Chinese. I was pissed! SHE bumped me and she had the gall to be mad?!? “Watch it!” I shouted back (I should have come up with something more distasteful that would’ve clearly communicated that she was the one who wasn’t watching where she was going). And our friend told me that this was a normal occurrence here, and people don’t even bother saying excuse me or I’m sorry. It was so sad to hear, I hoped it was just the mall that we went to.

UPDATE: I was told that perhaps the person I encountered was a PRC FTs. It’s entirely possible. I was sorta traumatized so I haven’t been back to SG since.

VivoCity was crowded, noisy and there were long lines for the restaurants. I was expecting something different because it was supposed to be the biggest mall in Sing. Big mistake.  Any recommendations on which malls to hit next time I’m in Sing?

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  1. Deepa says

    Hay naku, the rudeness talaga. I remember tuloy when you got into a fight with this girl who made a bitchy remark on your bra strap showing! Haha! That seems like ages ago.

    You should try maybe Paragon and Ion Orchard next time. But crowds are inescapable because Singaporeans love to shop, so are queues because they love to queue.

  2. padmaja says

    I would recommend Ion orchard and wisma atria it has a basement link to another mall Takashimaya or you could try Paragon all in the orchard road. Do you now understand why i feel Indonesia is a bliss.Hospitality is lacking in Singapore. They treat people with different skin colour differently . Which i hate not all whites are Rich and not all black or brown or poor.

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