IKEA (aka housewife heaven)

When we got to IKEA at noon, we were ravenous, not having had breakfast nor lunch. We could have eaten a cow! Or a couple of chicken dogs, chips, meatballs, chicken wings and dessert =P  Must not shop on an empty stomach!
My main reason to go to Sing

So good we didn't realize it was chicken. I liked the mustard too.

Looks good on the outside, but not as done as I would like on the inside. I like my chicken wings well done & crispy all over. Some parts of the skin were not crispy and the meat had this unpleasant smell. I wonder why?

I don't know why my bro-in-law likes IKEA meatballs. I was disappointed. The only thing that saved it was the gravy and the lingonberry jam. The mashed potatoes were just okay but then again you can't really mess-up mashed potatoes up right? I wonder if this is the exact same meatballs they serve in IKEA Europe?

IKEA Daim Cake

We were disappointed at the Daim Cake. I guess you have to eat it immediately after it’s served. But the line was so long, my hubby had to get it with lunch and by the time we ate it, it was soggy and the chocolate top was melted. The chocolate tasted great though – I ended up scraping it off and eating just the top.

Clean as you go!

As a whole my IKEA Resto experience was a let down.  It was so crowded and hard to get seats. There was this annoying family of 3 who, instead of taking seats across from each other, took  just one side of the table, effectively  taking up 6 seats. I don’t know how they could just eat there oblivious to other people standing and waiting for seats. They also didn’t clear their own plates (the bins were right behind them). The poor customer after had to clear it for them (those divas!). Saw other similar instances of diva behavior, but people had no choice because of  the limited seating.

Now on to the good stuff.

Time to do my shopping list!

I felt like I was about to enter (housewife) heaven as I was taking in this 2 story wall while the escalators whisked me away to the show room.

Long story short. We went past the cash register S$ 130 poorer but with 3 blue IKEA reusable bags in hand, happy about the great deals we made. One of the items we got could easily have costed us 1M IDR (=100 USD) in Jakarta.

It was snack time (almost dinner time actually) by the time we were done shopping and we were hungry  again so we shared a chicken dog and bag of chips. You gotta love the efficient condiment dispensers – they remind me of udders! =P

Bye-bye my love! Till next time!

Lovely comments

  1. Deepa says

    When I first started buying stuff for the house, I had to really work hard to not turn our place into an Ikea showcase!

    And yeah I don’t get the appeal of eating at the Ikea restaurant. Super hassle. Although I like picking up gingerbread cookies and frozen meatballs at their mini supermarket section after all our shopping is done.

    • says

      Yeah I totally get the temptation! Fortunately (or is it unfortunately?) for me, they don’t ship to Jakarta. I just want a lounge chair and a sofa – I swear! =P

      Do the meatballs taste better when you cook them? My theory was there were too many people so they weren’t cooking them properly. Will try the gingerbread next time. Any other recommendations for food to pick up next time I’m there?

  2. G says

    The meatballs aren’t too bad, especially the potatoes, gravy and jam combo.

    How do the prices between Singapore and Manila’s “pseudo” Ikea compare? You should pass by the Ikea on Bautista St. to compare.

    • says

      I just passed by Ikea in Makati. No meatballs, only beers, our favorite sesame salad dressing, snack foods – I dont think these are Ikea items though. We didn’t see the same things in Sing. Hmmmm…. Some of the items seemed more expensive, while some seemed cheaper. I dunno if it was just my imagination.

  3. says

    Awww, you made me drool! I love IKEA!! I bought the meatball gravy mix in the U.S. and when I cooked the sauce myself, I realize that the sauce you get at the restaurant at IKEA are a bit watered down, but with the price they offer, I can’t complain. I wish we have IKEA here! I think Indonesians would love it although I’m sure the Furniture makers in Indonesia would hate to have such a competition.

  4. says

    Ladies i have had bad experience with Ikea Furniture. I bought a single cot and mattress for my son who is 4 at that time. Their furniture looks great and cheap not sturdy. It can be used as a decorative piece. On the second day my husband put my son to sleep and tried to put him in his cot and when he did that with his knees bent on the cot and the minute my son landed on the cot. Guess what happened the cot broke. I mean the support frame broke in two different places.

    So i would suggest if you wanted to get some cot or anything for storage like books prefer other places. Ikea to me is very good for the kitchen stuffs, organizers, lights, and plants.may be for light weight and light use furniture. Ofcourse i love their photo frames.

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