DIPLO DOG: Ateneo Jersey

When I am in manila I also get the dog pasalubong (a present – usually given by one arriving from a trip). While I was hunting for a Christmas outfit in Tiendesitas (thanks to Poker Goddess for recommending it on my Lil’ Demoñito post!) I found this super cute top and just had to get it. Please note that this was in his hairier days.

Diplo Dog says "Go Ateneo!"

He somehow reminds me of "teen wolf" =P

I didn’t find a Santa suit because the only store that had them did not have them in the correct size, but I found the next best thing… SANTA BOOTIES!!! I’m sure he’ll be relieved because he wont get hot – but the problem is training him to walk in them. This is my first time to get him booties, but I’m afraid I don’t have the heart to train him. =(

The person in the pet shop said that it will take him only 30 mins to adjust to wearing them (Is this true?) but did not warn me that he will be walking like a horse in the process. I felt so bad for the poor dog that after 5 mins, I took them off! Anyone who's done this before have tips for me?

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  1. bigbluenvelope says

    gotta love the ateneo jersey you’re pooch is sporting :) i’m sure he’d be a hit this homecoming season if he showed up at loyola heights!

    btw, you’ve got a sweet blog here. i find it very entertaining and informative, madam!

    happy holidays!

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