DIPLO DOG: Going Bald

Okay okay… Maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but the poor dog is PRACTICALLY BALD!  We told the groomers he only needed a trim and even sent the maid so she could make sure. THIS is one of the hazards of the language barrier.


(Fluffy like any self-respecting Pomeranian)


(Bald like a baby – somehow he looks naked. My poor baby!)

*Note: Poms are prized for their thick undercoat that let their hair stand out, but when you cut it, it sometimes does not grow back! Oh-no!!!

Lovely comments

  1. says

    @elawela/thea/duckses Awww…thanks you guys!!! I really hope it grows back coz’ that’s why he doesn’t have so much hair around his head (like other poms) because we got it cut as a puppy and it never grew back as thick as before =/ Crossing your fingers! =)

  2. Poker Goddess says

    Be careful because it’s a muslim country there and they don’t respect people with dogs, they are considered dirty animals along with pigs. Next time, i recommend you watch them or show a picture the next time of how you want his hair cut. Poor thing, he still looks happy though! :-)


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