Can’t sleep!

I can’t sleep and it’s mainly because my brain is whirling with all the stuff I have to do for tomorrow. Too. Much. Thinking/Worrying.  I find it helps to write it all down, knowing that I can go back to my list tomorrow and not forget about anything. Here goes…
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  1. Create an appliance notebook (instruction manuals, purchase receipts, maintenance and repair receipts, and warranty information) – I was inspired by I’d like to thank Jenny for suggesting this to me on FB. Divine for any OC housewife like me! Must get myself a new binder at Mujifor this! This has opened a Pandora’s box for me – imagine what other notebooks I can do!
    • Important Documents Notebook (Birth, marriage, medical, certificates, original and photocopies of important documents, extra ID pictures, etc.)
    • Household Notebook (important numbers, cleaning & chores instructions, washing instructions, reminders, delivery)
    • Pet Notebook (vaccines, meds, grooming, food)
  2. Organize my recipe notebook – I have a binder & tabs already  but now have a more concrete plan after seeing an entry on this in I also like the idea of printing a conversion table (i.e. cups to tablespoons)
    • Breakfast
    • Soups
    • Salads
    • Appetizers
    • Chicken Entrees
    • Seafood Entrees
    • Pork Entrees
    • Beef Entrees
    • Desserts
    • Drinks
    • Am I forgetting anything else?
  3. Do weekly schedule for household work based on The Maid Manual by Good Housekeeping Philippines
  4. Print out & discuss napkin folding techniques with the maid
  5. Finalize my shopping list for sewing – gotta check all clothing items that need repair. Right now off the top of my head:
    • Threads: black, white & cream
    • Cloth: white (2 pillow cases), cream (2 pillow cases), printed silk (scarf & 2 house dresses)
    • Zippers
    • Buttons
  6. Measure the bedside table drawers & top closet space so I know the size of organizers I need to buy from Muji & Ace hardware
  7. Buy bread from the convenience store – I knew I should have bought the shortening at the grocery a while ago! I could have just made my own bread.
  8. Plan menu for the week based on the remaining items in the ref & cupboard. – I really have to do advance menu planning & (based on this) a more exact grocery list on Excel (just like my best friend J). Will explore Recipe Manager Excel tool too. It might help.
  9. Figure out how to use the new dog nail clippers and attempt cutting the dogs nails myself. Ack.

Okay time to concentrate on the World Cup Argentina – Mexico match! Then hopefully off to sleep!

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