Sergio Ramos’ Girlfriend 2014

I’ve updated this post several times since the first time I posted it in 2010. The last update was May 2014 which you will find in the very bottom of this post.

In 2010…

1) Former Miss Spain, Elizabeth Reyes, is his ex-girlfriend. (image via)


2) According to Bleacher Report, Sergio Ramos’ Girlfriend is Nani Gaitan and she is  Top 11 in their Top 20 WAGs of Soccer Elite last May 24, 2010. WAG stands for Wives and Girlfriends. Apparently this is a rumor which many sites support, but I haven’t found any pics at all of them together. (image via)

Nani Gaitán was born in 1976 in Spain and she’s a model, an actress and a TV presenter. She started her career with the pageant of Miss Cordoba in 1997, which she went on to win. She met a bullfighter at the competition and dated him for a couple of years  which catapulted her to the mainstream Spanish media. She started hosting programs on TV. She has appeared in Crónicas marcianas (The Martian Chronicles), La Isla de los famosos (the Spanish Celebrity Love Island) and the comedy show Sábado noche(Saturday Night).

She is with the Spanish defender Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid, Spain). Nani is almost 12 years older than Ramos. –

Post World Cup 2010 it seemed that he was single. Sergio Ramos went to Senegal for UNICEF and vacationed in Cadiz with his brother and his brother’s girlfriend, sans a girl in his arms. My theory is if he had one he would be with her to celebrate – just like Iker and Sara. Heck even Ronaldo left his new born son to be with his girl in New York!


June 2012

I’ve been getting many more searches for Sergio Ramos’ girlfriend just in time for the Euro 2012. Since this blog post was originally published in July 2010, I gotta update this outdated post! The latest news  is that Sergio Ramos is with Spanish TV reporter, Lara Alvarez! Some photos below. (image via 1 and 2)

A bunch of Real Madrid hotties took their ladies to the annual spot-the-baller-in-the-stands tennis tourney this weekend. Read article here. (Image: Reuters)

 Sergio Ramos and Lara Alvarez in Rome (image via)


Sergio Ramos holding hands with Lara Alvarez (image via)

lara alvarez

December 2013

Sergio Ramos is together with Pilar Rubio. After stalking Sergio Ramos’ Twitter account I finally found the tweet wherein he announced his big news. It’s official: Sergio Ramos is going to be a father!

Screenshot 2013-12-29 19.33.38 Screenshot 2013-12-29 19.33.22

How sweet are their tweets??

Screenshot 2013-12-29 19.16.27

Pictures of Pilar Rubio and Sergio Ramos! (click on photos to view sources)


Play video to see Sergio Ramos surprise and serenade Pilar.

 May 2014

Sergio Ramos is now a father! His girlfriend, TV presenter Pilar Rubio gave birth to a boy, whom they named Sergio Ramos Rubio. He has a junior! Read full article and see more photos here.


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Lovely comments

  1. msikercasillas101 says

    sergio ramos is most defo single that rumor has gone back as far as 2008 the girl in the first pic is his ex girlfriend elisabeth reyes she is spanish beauty queen.I would’nt count the bleacher report as the most reliable source they also said that kim kardashian goes out with ronaldo and we all no she was just a one night stand

    • says

      Wow that’s awesome news for all of us Sergio Ramos fans! Thanks for the heads up! I was wondering about the first pic but I was thrown off because her hand was blocking her face partially. I will do some revisions and further research! Thanks for your comment msikercasillas101!

  2. pipa says

    yes he has a girlfriend just like him the girl is obssessed with her hair, plays futbol and like beaches…they say they are not dating but see the pictures and take your conclusions…they are always at the same places and same times…the girl is older than he 12 years old…but it�s not a big news…we all known sergio likes his girlfriends “a little bit” older …

  3. Soluna says

    She is referring to this girl Gabriela Shakira or better said: Ana Gabriela Shakira. Look at her profile at facebook and you’ll see her status: in a relationship with Sergio Ramos, but that one is linked to a fake Sergio Ramos profile..

    ** The message pipa posted is also seen on other sites also posted by the same person! Let’s not buy this crap.. We recently did an interview with Sergio let’s say a few days ago and he said he isn’t in a committed relationship!

    • says

      LOL! Thanks Soluna! That’s why I was asking Pipa for links to the so-called pics and more details. Gotta verify! Great to hear for all the Sergio Ramos fans! :) And would love to read your interview with him! I could place a link on my post too!

  4. says

    Ana Gabriela was dating Sergio Ramos but now she is dating Gonzalo Higuain. Now Sergio Ramos is dating Demi Rose Mawby and it was the reason why he posted that he is not dating Lara :
    here he says Gente
    El desmentido de Sergio Ramos
    Día 02/01/20111 comentarios
    A través de Facebook el jugador blanco salió ayer al paso de los rumores que lo relacionan sentimentalmente con la periodista Lara Álvarez: «No es habitual que haga esto pero hoy, por ser hoy, lo haré: No mantengo ninguna relación sentimental con Lara, es una amiga y los que me conocen saben bien quién es la que me quita el sueño». Pues eso.


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