PHUKET TRAVEL DIARIES: Our room at Sala Phuket Resort

All my friends know that my favorite color is white (technically it’s a non-color) paired with beige and neutrals. I love how serene and relaxed these colors make me feel. As you can see this room is heaven for me.

Sala Phuket Resort Deluxe Balcony - couch

Couch with fluffy fat pillows, table, flat screen & media player.

Sala Phuket Resort Deluxe Balcony - floor to ceiling windows

Floor to ceiling glass windows with heavy and light curtains for privacy

Sala Phuket Resort Deluxe Balcony - bed, desk and closet

I like that the closet is massive and everything is easy to get to

Sala Phuket Resort Deluxe Balcony - mini bar

Double purpose: contemporary table accoutrements as decor and for use. Love it!

Sala Phuket Resort Deluxe Balcony - mini bar

Not just instant coffee. Good quality brewed coffee & tea. Underneath is the personal ref (not pictured) with chilled award-winning wine.

Sala Phuket Resort Deluxe Balcony - desk

Desk containing everything you need to know. Not only do you have the restaurant and spa menus but also Sala’s suggested activities for the day. i.e. Available shopping/sigh-seeing tours, buffets at the resto and resort activities like open air movie night with free buttered popcorn.

Sala Phuket Resort Deluxe Balcony

Do not disturb beads.

Sala Phuket Resort Deluxe Balcony

A peek at the bathroom outside

Sala Phuket Resort Balcony Deluxe

Open air bathroom. The skylight is perfect during the day. No need to turn on lights.

Sala Phuket Resort Deluxe Balcony - laundry instructions

Earth beads

Sala Phuket Resort Deluxe Balcony - open-air bathtub for two

Bath tub for TWO.

Sala Phuket Resort Deluxe Balcony - bath tub tray

Love the idea of a bathtub tray! Perfect place for glasses of wine or the book you’re reading while soaking

Sala Phuket Resort Deluxe Balcony - luxurious bath products

Luxurious spa quality bath products (lemongrass) and bath salts. It’s usually hard to get my husband to use conditioner but he was lathering this one on!

Sala Phuket Resort Deluxe Balcony - bath tub

Don’t worry the balcony has curtains for privacy. Sometimes though it flaps in the wind. LOL. From experience.

Sala Phuket Resort Deluxe Balcony

Green view

Sala Phuket Resort Deluxe Balcony

Sala Phuket Resort Deluxe Balcony

Spacious balcony with a strong ceiling fan

Sala Phuket Resort Deluxe - Balcony day bed

The day bed would be perfect for smokers. Funny even the matchstick heads are WHITE!

Before we left, we checked out the villas. Same look but bigger and with private pools and are positively awesome. Hubby and I agree that the beach Pool Villa is definitely a good idea for a special occasion. No wonder many of the other guests were honeymooners!

More on Sala…

Sala Phuket Boutique Resort and Spa

  • Tel. +66 (0) 76 338 888
  • Fax. +66 (0) 76 338 889
  • No:333 Moo 3 Mai Khao Beach, Thalang District,Phuket,Thailand 83110
  • Click here for location and directions.

Lovely comments

  1. says

    Thank you so much for sharing these gorgeous pictures on your blog. The photographs of your suite in this resort literally took my breath away. Can I please hire the resort decorators to fix up my apartment? :)

    The decor was modern, yet elegant, functional, yet inviting, minimalist, yet with everything you could possibly want or need in resort room. Plus, I’ve never seen a hotel room that had a day bed out on the balcony, so that guests could sleep under the stars. What a spectacular idea! (Although . . . I imagine the lack of privacy would unnerve, after a half hour or so. :))

    Wow, seeing all those pictures makes me realize just how desperately I am in need of a vacation. For now, though, I guess I will just have to live vicariously through you. So, thank you again for giving me a “vacation” of sorts. :)

    • says

      Aww thanks for the wonderful compliment on my photographs. I’m glad I am doing the resort justice.

      Yes I agree with you on the decor! Actually this was just a “room” You should check out how the suites look! Crazy right?!?

      This is holiday season (sorta like Christmas for us) here in Jakarta so it’s vacay time – just about to get dressed for the airport to go to Jogjakarta actually :) I hope you get yourself a vacation soon!

  2. says

    These are absolutely stunning photos! They made me want to go visit Puket! The sky is so blue, too! I miss blue sky living in Jakarta. I like the way you organize your blog. You’ve traveled a lot!

  3. says

    Hi Kaho, I really wanna go back! And I am now considering having our church wedding at this resort… it is just too gorgeous! I highly recommend this resort if ever you go. Most of the ppl we were with were either honeymooners or couples with their kids. It’s so lovely!

    Thank you… I am so happy that Sarah of recommended elegant themes to me because it solved most of my problems with my old theme. Sadly I had to let Ocean Mist go. But I am super happy with the new one. Just need to figure out how to change more colors =P

    You’ll notice that not all the travel links work yet. Still working on my backlog! =P


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