PHUKET TRAVEL DIARIES: Whatta welcome from Sala Resort!

Lovely flower bracelets made with Sampaguita & orchid. Smelled soooo good! I wonder why we in the Philippines don’t use the Sampaguita more, when it is actually native to us?

Upon arrival at the airport we were happy to find a kiosk for tourists giving out a map of Phuket, brochures and a free Thai SIM card. ) Yup, they were giving free True Move SIMs at the airport – so convenient!

We came out to a very sunny and warm day. (Thank God because there was forecast of rain showers and thunderstorms!) We were told to look for the guy in purple (the signature color of Sala Phuket Boutique Resort and Spa) and he wasn’t hard to spot.

Sala Airport Pick up with complimentary cold water perfect for the hot day!

Our ride was a pleasant 20 mins from airport to resort. Nice roads and lots of trees along the way. The driver was friendly and accommodating. He handed us ice cold bottles of water from the small cooler he had. It’s as if he read our minds – boy was is hot!

When we arrived in the resort, my eyes were wide as saucers. It was so pretty and there were so many things to capture on camera. (I was pretty much snapping at everything during the entire weekend – I just wanted to capture the beauty of it all.) My photo of the entrance does not do it justice so I’m not going to post it (my photography skills aren’t there yet) and it’s hard to describe so I won’t even try. You’ll just have to visit Sala Phuket and check it out for yourselves.

Lovely purple orchids at the Sala Phuket reception desk

Sala reception desk: Lovely purple orchids and gorgeous crystal lighting fixtures

It was modern, chic, minimalist and yet they used local/native elements that made it a unique Thai experience.  Suffice it to say that my husband hit a home run in picking this resort. He knows me so so well! And many thanks to Khun SV for hooking him up and recommending this resort! Next time I see you I am so gonna hug you! Thank you!!! =D

Sala welcome drink, lemon grass iced tea, and cool towelettes

Welcome drink, lemon grass iced tea, and cool towelettes

Sala Phuket Boutique Resort waiting area and library

Waiting area and the small library where guests can borrow books. They also have DVDs available for guests at reception.

The view while we were waiting at Sala Phuket Boutique Resort

The view while we were waiting

Sala Phuket Boutique Resort walkway to the rooms

Off to our room!

Sala Phuket Boutique Resort swings

Scattered around the resort are swings. Weeee! As I child I loved swings – I could do it for hours =D

Sala Phuket Boutique Resort choice of pillows, soaps and lotions

In our room the lovely PR officer, Nicekey, asked us to pick our pillows (standard, comfort silk, down or massage foam), lotion and soap. 

The stationery in the bottom is a handwritten welcome note from the General Manager. It was indeed memorable Mr. Ashenden!

Sala Phuket Boutique Resort lotion scents: peppermint

I picked peppermint for our lotion. 

*Girly Side-note: I usually don’t use lotions because they are not potent enough for my dry skin or when they are, it’s too thick & sticky for tropical weather. However I loved the Sala peppermint lotion so much that when we left my hubby had them bottle one up and bought it from them to bring home. It’s über moisturizing and minty cool – perfect for the beach!  I didn’t actually have to get a pedicure when I got home because my feet were not dry and so soft because of the lotion.

Sala Phuket Boutique Resort soaps: Cinnamon Orange, Lemongrass, Basil

I picked Cinnamon Orange. The other soaps were Lemongrass, Basil and I forget the other one. These were great smelling, super moisturizing and exfoliating soaps.

Sala Phuket Boutique Resort umbrellas, sarong and robe

They also provide cute matching purple umbrellas and sarong…

Sala Phuket Boutique Resort : beach sandals, bag and mat for lounging in the beach

…beach sandals, a cute beach bag and mat for lounging in the beach.

Sala Phuket Boutique Resort

In the freezer were four different flavors of sorbet. It was so deliciously hot and sunny outside that I promptly had one. 

What a fabulous welcome to Phuket from Sala Resort! And such thoughtful attention to detail…I felt pampered already.

More pictures of our room, Thai food, amenities and the spa!


Phuket is pronounced as Poo-KET not Foo-ket.  I think this blog perfectly explains it. And Thailand is pronounced as TIE-land, the H is silent. Honey, you know who you are.

Sala Phuket Boutique Resort and Spa

  • Tel. +66 (0) 76 338 888
  • Fax. +66 (0) 76 338 889
  • No:333 Moo 3 Mai Khao Beach, Thalang District,Phuket,Thailand 83110
  • Click here for location and directions.

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  1. Robbie Dinglasan says

    Haha I think only Filipinos pronounce the letters “TH” when put together on a proper noun or name like you would pronounce the word “the”. Thompson is pronounced “Tomp-son” and “Thomas” is “Tom-as” just like “Tie-land” for Thailand.

    Even speaking in Thai, you pronounce it with a hard “t-sound” and a very soft “ha” sound after it. :)


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