Excellent Thai food + wine from Sala Phuket = satiated and content me! Thailand

Excellent Thai food + wine = satiated and contented me!

Aside from food and wine, how else were we spoiled during our nights at Sala?

Path to our rooms in Sala Phuket Thailand

Swinging evening at Sala Phuket Thailand

Bird-cage encased crystal chandeliers at the sala phuket lobby

Bird-cage encased crystal chandeliers at the sala phuket lobby

Swinging evening at Sala Phuket Thailand

Swinging evening at Sala Phuket Thailand

Nightly Turndown Services

room turn-down service at Sala Phuket Thailand

The bed was turned down, with our comfort silk pillows in place (too bad I’m allergic to down but these were pretty darn good!), black-out curtains drawn, lights out except for bedside lamps…
Itinerary/activities for the next day like tours, resto buffets, etc

... on our bed was the weather and activities the next day (like available tours, buffets, chill-out sessions at sunset and open air cinema)...


Scented oil burner and digestive

... the scented oil burner was filling the room with fragrance and there was a bottle and two shot glasses laid out (?)

Beal Juice

How thoughtful, I guess they knew were gonna pig out and have trouble fitting into our swimwear the next day! LOL. It was perfect. I've never had Beal Juice before but it tasted good. (Trust me it was effective too.)

The next few nights were pretty much as heavenly. Boy I could get used to this! And I’d love to know where they get the different digestives they serve for bed time. Not only are they yummy, but they were pretty good for our tummies too!

Night #2 Roselle Tea

Lemon grass digestive (turn-down service at Sala Phuket Thailand)

Night #3 Lemongrass - my hubby hates lemon grass but somehow they made this one taste really yummy

Tomorrow I’ll be posting pictures of our breakfast!

Sala Phuket Boutique Resort and Spa

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    Wow, what a night you had!! The photos you took outside look dreamy! I love the one with you on a swing! What a romantic place! I need Beal juice! It sounds so good! I need cleansing please! I didn’t know about Roselle and Lemon Grass tea. So you ended up having a medicinal trip as well. :) What a trip! Makes me want to go visit Bangkok again!

    • says

      If you do drop by Phuket as well! This resort is really romantic and just divine… you will love the interiors too! I saw many honeymooning couples and young couples with kids!

      I was actually asking my thai friend about the beal juice! If only sala sold it… I totally would have bought some and brought em home… they were that good (and effective!) =)

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