PHUKET TRAVEL DIARIES: She sells seashells by the seashore

Beside this pier the shore is dotted with boats and the shoreline with vendors. I asked the driver where I could buy capiz frames, lamps, etc.  I didn’t know how to explain what capiz was to him so I just said “shells.” He brought us here.

Entering Tsunami Hazard Zone

We parked exactly in front of this sign. Very. Reassuring.

Sea shell and pearl store

The first store had this signage, but since the ones in front are usually more expensive we checked all the ones in the back first

Most of them sold cheap looking trinkets like this poor blowfish. I was looking for something very specific: capiz frames, lamps, vases to accent my modern filipiniana home

I left with only 2 items (see below) but I am very happy with my finds.  They are not useless souvenir trinkets, and I actually have use for them. I regret not buying some lovely polished shells that would’ve made elegant and very classy soap dishes for guest bathrooms. Those would have been great as presents to our friends for Christmas. They were selling it by the kilo too, so compared to Jakarta it was dirt cheap. *face slap* Silly me!

three polished shells

Beautiful set of 3 polished shells, that now adorn my dining table. What do you think of them? Also sold by the Kilo. 1 Kilo for 3 large shells, but I can’t recall the price.

Capiz wind chimes

I’ve always wanted wind chimes (30 baht), and these were cheap and made of capiz. Perfect! We always have a nice breeze from our veranda. Been enjoying the sound they make  in the afternoons. Reminds me of the beach somehow.

As we left we stood by the pier and enjoyed the view and the breeze.

Tsunami evacuation route sign

Another reminder of the tsunami in Phuket. This time they are ready.


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  1. Natasha T says

    Hello…Thanks for sharing all abt ;)
    May i know where u bough all shell in phuket ?
    coz i’ll going visit soon by next week …Thx

    • says

      Dear Natasha, unfortunately I could not understand the thai writing on the sign so I could not take down their details. I can make a few suggestion which you can try. When you arrive in Phuket…

      1. Why don’t you show this picture to your hotel or driver and ask if they know where it is. I remember it being near the sea. I cannot remember now if it was also Palai Bay. It’s better to ask the locals.
      2. If they are not familiar, try calling the number on the sign to ask for directions to the store.
      3. Or try showing your hotel reception/driver the other pictures in the post above, because it might look familiar to them.

      If you go to the store with the sign above, there are many other stores surrounding it. Go deeper because the stores in front are the more expensive ones. You will enjoy exploring for sure.

      While you are there, I also recommend the crispy catfish salad and other seafood delights at Phong Phang Palai Bay.

      Enjoy and good luck! I hope you find the shell stores.


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