Ace Store Manager’s Response to my complaint

This is a follow-up post to the horrible customer service I received at Ace Hardware Pondok Indah Mall yesterday. I got an immediate reply to my email from the store manager today, but I am sad to say that they are still blaming it on miscommunication and are still saying it was an accident.

Dear Diplomatic Wife,

First of all, we would like to apologize for the unfortunate incident that you experienced at Ace Hardware Pondok Indah.

Our explanation is that the incident was purely  accidental  and its truly not our desire to give u inconvenience.

We sincerely apologize to you with regards to this incident and will take steps to make sure that no such misscommunication will occur in our stores and improvement in our customer service. I also wanna say many thanks for your sharing and suggestions, its very meaningful to serve customer better.

Hopefully, this issue would not prevent you to shop at our stores in the future.

Best regards,

Iwan Margono
Store Manager Ace Hardware

How many times do I have to say that I am not complaining about the lost ladder (a purely honest mistake), but with how their customer Service personnel (Citra and Andan/m) handled the situation and their customer service technology (a call holding facility that automatically drops calls) which resulted in

  1. the problem not being solved earlier than it should have, and
  2. with me wasting my mobile airtime, car gasoline, parking money and 40 minutes (for a 5minute task).

Mr. Manager, how does one solve the problem or ensure that the same thing DOES NOT happen again, if you refuse to recognize the fault of your staff and  your faulty telephone holding service?

Once again I am left with an empty apology that does not ring sincere in my ears.

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Lovely comments

    • Tarantadong pinoy says

      To the problematic, este diplomatic wife. This is the problem with us Filipinos. You should treat the people in the country you are assigned to nicely. People like you makes the Filipinos stupid in the eyes of other nationalities. You are putting at risk the Filipinos working there in Indonesia. You represent our country and it is not acceptable to give blasphemous language to other people, considering you are a diplomat. You are worse than a 1′st grader. Who do you think you are? President pnoy will not be happy to hear this. Dont get too excited with your ladder because i’m sure you only use bamboo ones in the Philippines. Please complain in a nice way.

      • says

        Do not assume that I did not make my complain to ACE in a civilized manner.

        And if I did express emotions on MY PERSONAL blog it was out of frustration from the way that I was treated that day. Shame on you for judging your fellow countryman so harshly with all the uncouth name-calling and insults. I find it laughable to be called stupid and “worse than a 1st grader” by someone who doesn’t even know the correct definition of the word blasphemy, because I did nothing of the sort.

        FYI the definition of blasphemy is the following:
        - A contemptuous or profane act, utterance, or writing concerning God or a sacred entity.
        - The act of claiming for oneself the attributes and rights of God.

        Besides should I really take etiquette lessons from someone who calls himself Tarantadong Pinoy with email address

        *Tarantado: A Filipino word for a stupid person, mainly if they did something wrong

      • Dewi says

        Tarantadong Pinoy,
        I think every customer has the right to speak out when they feel that they are not being served/dealt with properly – so long as they are fair to who the person they are talking to. And people in service should be humble enough to realise that the system may not be perfect and be open to consider what the customer is saying or complaining about. (it always is better to listen to criticism rather than have a customer not say anything but not come back). They are in the service industry after all. Constructive criticism is key in the service industry.

        The letter is an example of trying to reach out to the customer, however, there are so many loopholes here. The solution they propose is very vague, in fact, it’s so generic and it’s the safe way out. Like mentioned, it takes away direct responsibility from the occurrence (so to try to clean their hands off the blame perhaps). That’s not the way to handle a customer who takes the effort to give feedback. These customers are valuable, because they care about your business. It seems more proper that they also become somewhat involved in the progress and improvement of the business.

        I have so many years of experience as a customer, and almost 10 years in the industry of service. I know how it is to be on both sides.

        It’s great that these entries are garnering so much attention, hopefully improvements will be done fast.

        I grew up in Indonesia but am currently residing in the Philippines. Honestly, there is not much difference in the service industry in both countries.

        In fact, last night I encountered horrible service at an SM Hypermart. They pretty much said the same thing this letter had.

        My short note for “Tarantadong Pinoy”
        So, ‘tarantadong pinoy’ it’s not like her complaint is going to invoke war between the two nations, so chill! Sadly enough, your method of thinking is very much colonial. Filipinos, and everyone in general, SHOULD NOT bend over and profusely apologise for any mishap encountered if they are not in the wrong.

        You might want to talk to your local supermarkets though, because according to you, I shouldn’t tell them about my disappointment in their service because I also represent Indonesians?

        Your myopic thinking is dangerous, the entire world is getting smaller, intercontinental communication is easy, and yet, still you believe that pinoys should not contribute. that is a very dangerous trait to have, because you are inviting bullies to run you over.

        oonga, tarantado ka talaga.

    • says

      Hey Ta, that’s precisely why I am complaining. I want to continue going back, but I would like them to improve their customer service so that shopping there is not a stress-ridden experience all the time.

      If I planned to just stop going then I really wouldn’t make the effort of giving them objective and constructive feedback would I?

      This is what I told the assistant manager and she was very thankful that I didn’t want to discontinue my support of Ace Hardware. For me this incident doesn’t reflect on their entire company, Ace PIM has some very good people, and some that just need to improve. They wouldn’t know that they need to improve though, if there is no constructive feedback. Which is the exact purpose of complaints.

  1. Rosey says

    You had the right to do that considering that you were the customer. I really do hope they will learn their lesson.

    Anyway, to the person who calls himself/herself Tarantadong Pinoy, I don’t really know what to say about your comment, but since you call yourself “tarantado,” well, maybe you’re just that, plain stupid, as you admit yourself. I hope you’ll get to know the situation better, or better yet, the person first before you go judging people and their abilities. You don’t know who you’re up against. So, be careful.

  2. May Kahihiyan says

    In response to your comments with regards to the person by the name of tarantadong pinoy, I think what his name really imply is to tell you that we don’t need to act like a tarantado o walang pingaaralan o walang modo if we are going to make a complain because we could always do it nicely without humilating other people because what we do only reflects on how our parents has brought us up. Calling other people stupid and shouting to them in front of other people just to emphasize what we need to say is not a true character of a pure blood filipino. Your action only create shamefulness to other filipino people who are already famous for a lot of bad things and an incident like this will not help us regain the respect of other nation. You are lucky that Indonesian people are not raised to argue like pilipino people do because they are always humble and seldom raised their voice even they are angry or else you will be in trouble. You are lucky because they accepted you here in their country because you are a husband of a diplomat but it doesn’t mean that you can do everything to them because you are angry.

    • says

      You assume too much. Do not assume that I shouted at people and called them stupid just because I was emotional in writing in my blog. My blog is my personal space where I can vent my frustration and emotion because I was treated wrongly. There were many times that I got bad service here and there were many times that I was patient. But one has to toe the line at being a doormat. And there are times when you have to stand for your right as a customer (don’t make it a race thing). Do you mean to tell me that nobody has ever pissed you off? I find that hard to believe. Nobody was ever rude to you? Don’t tell me you didn’t get upset? I was upset hence the strong language in my post.

      You can ask Ace hardware yourself, I never mistreated anyone in that store. On the contrary, I was the one that was mistreated. So forgive me if I am upset. It’s funny how pinoys are so used to other people complaining about the Philippines and our people, that we can even laugh it off hence the comment “Only in the Philippines” but when a pinoy complains in another country she is an embarrassment to the country. If I were in the Philippines and I got upset at a stupid (repeated) action by an employee (NOT AN ACCIDENT), it would be a different story wouldn’t it? Suddenly I would have my rights back wouldn’t I?

      I have every right to be treated nicely. Not once did I ask of anything higher than my human right to dignity and respect. But when someone ignores your plea for help when you need it, and has the audacity to be annoyed at you for telling them that there is a problem, then by all means ask for the manager. And recount to them what happened. Because that’s what I did.

      Why should I not make a point of it? I wanted to be treated fairly when I am in their establishment. Can you imagine someone basically hanging up on you several times, then coming face to face with that person and then that person not even bothering to say I’m sorry? Don’t mistake being quiet for being humble. That is so disrespectful. And the other guy who was annoyed at me, then was apathetic to my needs – do not tell me that’s not bad, because he didn’t argue with me! Apathy is WORSE than anger, because I was treated like I was worthless piece of shit. I am not a doormat and I’m not going to accept it.

      It is so wrong of you to just assume that I acted less than respectable just because other Filipinos do. Sad how low you think of your fellow countrymen. And it’s sad that Ace Headoffice think that I had the right to be upset, but my fellow pinoys think it’s nakakahiya. No wonder we get treated this way. As someone who has been discriminated against here in Jakarta, I beg to disagree that everyone is as innocent as you think they are.

  3. Mas Anton says

    Shame on you for discriminating orang Indonesia. Filipinos like you go home! Remember you are in our country!!

    • says

      Mas Anton,
      There was no discrimination whatsoever. It was my experience wherein 2 people in ACE did not treat me well and I want to complain about those 2 people. I am not going to be a doormat just because I am in your country. Just like if you were in our country, I would like you to be treated well, so should I be treated well in your country.

  4. Dave says

    @Mas Anton: Are you stupid or just plain ignorant?? Are you saying that just because she’s not Indonesian that she can’t complain about how horrid the customer service she received? Shouldn’t you be ashamed of your own people for badly treating foreigners who invest in your country? Remember, you’re in YOUR country! Why don’t YOU make it better?? Bahahahahhaa!!! In a world of globalization, I’m surprised to hear anyone say, “Go home”. You, sir, are RACIST.

    • Mas Anton says

      Hey Mister Dave, I know who you so please be careful. Watch you say. Remember, you are in Indonersia so be careful.

      • Ria says

        To Dewi:

        You are right about Tarantadong Pinoy, but stop pretend to be Indonesian..You not Indonesian..Because Indonesians are nice and not rude like you. You are Philipina..

  5. Dave says

    @Mas Anton: What? I can’t understand you. Your English is so broken it hurts my head just to try and read what you’re trying to say. You’re nothing more than an internet tough guy. It’s either you’re a fat pimple faced virgin with no friends or a skinny ass nerd (still a virgin AND no friends). OMG… you have no life, still live with your mommy, and you’re a loser! It must suck to be you. You’re so ugly, when you were born, the doctor slapped your mother. HAHAHAHA! The only way you’ll have any use to the human race is that if you discover a cure for cancer, wipe out international terrorists, and stop all volcanic eruptions. Then MAYBE we’ll talk about treating you like a human being.

    Did you understand what I was trying to say? Do you need me to use a translator so I can bash you in your language? Or maybe you just need me to SPEAK LOUDER SO YOU CAN HEAR ME OVER YOUR FAT HEAD!?

    This is the last time I will respond to such insane and childish reactions. I’ll leave you with this, “Acting tough online is like winning the gold in the Special Olympics. You may have won but you’re still retarded.”

  6. Dave says

    @Ria: Were you just insinuating that Filipinos are rude? Are there no rude people in Indonesia? Because the last time I checked, “rude” is a trait. Everyone has their “rude” moments. What you just said right now is so rude, you’re probably too stupid not realize it. Please make sure you and Mas Anton don’t meet. You might fall in love and reproduce, making more stupid people. That will suck for the human race. Thanks in advance for your consideration.

    • says

      I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting my own weblog and was wondering what all is needed to get setup? I’m assuming having a blog like yours would cost a pretty penny? I’m not very web savvy so I’m not 100% certain. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers

      • says

        You can get a free wordpress blog at It’s free and it’s the easiest possible. I’ve tried the others as well i.e. blogger, typepad, tumbler and it was the easiest to learn for me. And great layouts/themes as well. Good luck!

  7. Dewi says

    for RIA
    Where in my comment did i say I was also Indonesian? Dave is right. That was very racist of you to think that all filipinos are rude. So that should mean that Mas Anton is pinoy as well, because you can hardly get any more rude than threaten people. And actually, so are you You both are trying to use bully tactics to prove what? that Ace hardware is right?

    i starting to feel like ria and mas anton are internet spammers because they have not contributed anything substantial at all.

    • Anita says


      I’m a marketing executive in Jakarta, and I’m proud to say I’m “Orang Indonesia”. This blog is becoming an issue now, I suppose a lot of people have already read it. You can see other blogs related to this. The diplomatic wife is right, customers have the right to give their feedbacks so that ACE could improve their services. I have been shopping in ACE lately and I can say their service keeps on getting better. There is no problem with that, in my opinion.

      But what bothers me is this man called Dave. I have been reading the comments and it is ridiculous. I know that Indonesians doesn’t speak good English not like you Filipinos but that is no reason to insult them. I can say that you are “homosexual” because your words are not words of a normal man. This blog ir read by many Indonesians now, and we do not like how you treat us. Miss Diplomatic wife, I’m quite sure Dave is your friend, so tell him to watch his words, don’t let people here think that Filipinos are meant to be this way.

  8. Dave says

    @Anita: You are quite hilarious! Seriously. For you to go around and say that words make a person “homosexual”, you are being sexist, racist, assuming, and downright ignorant as well. Stop acting all high and mighty. You’re not holier than me or any other person in this world. Does the truth hurt when you hear it so bluntly? So are you trying to tell the whole world that if a man does not equate to how you assume real men should think, that they are homosexual instead? Furthermore, let’s just say you’re right that I am homosexual, is there anything wrong with that? Why do you have to judge so harshly? LMAO! Your logic sickens me. And to think you’re already old enough to be a “marketing executive”. Go back to elementary. Just not to Indonesian elementary… apparently, they do NOT teach manners, proper etiquette, and good English.

    When I pointed out the bad English of Mas Anton, it was because how he attacked, insulted, and flamed on this blog without consideration of what was actually the issue. Same goes to you. You’re attacking me without even really reading into what was done. You’re simply reacting like a chicken with it’s head cut off. Now if you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen.

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