DIPLO DOG: Spot the Pomeranian

I was getting ready to go out one day and I was wondering where diplo dog was since he wasn’t in the room. He’s probably having an afternoon nap in “his room.” (We call the guest room/study his room because his favorite place to nap is underneath the pull-out.)

After a few minutes, I noticed something twitch on our bed…and guess what I saw???

Diplo Dog was right smack in the middle of our pillows! No wonder I didn’t see him at first glance around the room!!! LOL. He is not allowed on the bed because of my asthma and allergies, but he’s learned a nifty new trick of jumping onto the ottoman, then onto the bed.

How can I put him down??? He looked so cute and snug! (He loves nooks and crannies because he loves to snuggle and he really finds room corners to scootch into.) I didn’t have the heart to put him down especially after he have me his signature puppy-dog-eyes – or as our friend likes to call it his “Puss-in-Boots look.” LOL!

It really reminded me of "Where is Waldo" because he was camouflaged so well in the bed that if he didn't move a little I wouldn't have realized he was on the bed all along!



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      Hi Anna! Thanks so much! I have asthma and I’m highly allergic too! But I take my meds and I read somewhere that it’s good to have a pet when you have a baby because the baby develops immunity to the allergens. So I am hoping that when we have a baby, it will somehow help and my baby doesn’t have all the allergies and asthma that I have! Crossing my fingers and praying!

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