JAKARTA GOOD TO KNOW: Smoking inside Salons

I sorta got inspired by the blog post of Mrs. O of the same title to write about an experience of mine! I didn’t plan on really writing about it at first, but what the heck… it’s too funny not to!

The famous Indonesian creme bath

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Monday last week I totally went local and went to a neighborhood salon, where an Indonesian I know goes to get her traditional creme baths done. Creme baths are very popular here in Indonesia. It’s their version of a hot oil. They massage a traditional cream onto your hair and scalp, leave it on your head with some heat on, then while waiting you get a back and shoulder massage – sometimes with their famous Lulur scrub! They give really GOOD massages here in Indonesia. And it’s funny how the Filipino guys I know wouldn’t dream of getting a hot oil in the Philippines love getting creme baths here – even the ones without hair! E you know I am talking about you!

I arrived at the salon and the women were nice and I can’t say the place was very clean, but the masseuse was very good. But what really surprised me was that the 2 women flanking me were smoking! Not very pleasant for a non-smoker like me but what the heck? I am going local after all, so I’m not just going to get my feet wet but dive in head first! After having a smoke, their orders of bakso (a kind of soup) arrived from a nearby Warung. I was sorta proud of myself for hanging in there – after all I can just wash the smoke after right? RIGHT?!?

Big sexy curls is de rigueur

Boy was I wrong! =P Basically after the relaxing massage, they wrapped a steaming hot towel around your head, rinsed, then gave me the standard big blow-out (Big sexy curls and imeldific coifs is as desired here Indonesia, as straight hair is in the Philippines!). I had to be clear that I wanted my bangs flat down – NOT big and poofy like the 80′s! Unfortunately all that heat sorta cooked the smoke into my hair! And my hair was smelling like smoke for about a week and a half after! LOL!

I can’t forget one morning about a week after my creme bath, TD gave me a good bye kiss then told me with a straight face “your hair still smells like smoke.”

I guess I’ll have to find some other cheap neighborhood salon (Rp 65,000 for creme bath, massage and blow-dry) that doesn’t allow smoking! If you know of a cheap and clean place, I am totally game to try it! Drop me a line.

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  1. antonia says

    you could try johny andrean..available at mall ( sometimes i also try the training salon from johny andrean :p )

    i like hair spa cream bath :D

    • says

      Hi Antonia, usually we go to Johnny Andrean… but it’s always full. They’ve increased their cream bath from 68rb to 88rb too. So usually I just go down to the salon in our apartment (it’s only 70rb without having to go through traffic) But recently I found a place near Pakubuwono that’s only 35rb for a cream bath. It’s a corner salon, nothing posh or anything but it’s so cheap hehe! =D Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting!


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