DIPLO TUMMY: Oreo Cupcakes

After scouring loads of Oreo Cupcake recipe, I finally found one that is close to my Oreo Cupcake baking inspiration. I’m going to modify it further though, because I feel like it is waaaaaaay too sweet for me…. but it was fun to try out. Here are some pics!

Lovely comments

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    Those look so yummy! Did your hubby like them? Can I come over and have some? :P I read your previous post as well. So are you an avid soccer fan? We like soccer, too. My hubby is a huge soccer fan, so I have been influenced by his passion.

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      Thanks Kaho! I’ll let you know when I’ve perfected my version – we can have tea! TD actually LOVED it, but I found it too sweet so I’m going to modify it a little.

      Re football, it’s exactly the same thing for me! My hubby loves footy and I love my hubby = I love footy! His passion for it has rubbed off on me… but it really helps that football is pleasing to the eyes! LOL!

      We can’t wait to watch the Indonesia vs Philippines game on Thurs! Hope they don’t riot or anything!

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