Our First Time to Host a Party

This is our first official party in our home. Previously we tried not to have more than 2 or 3 people at a time since we didn’t have the necessary furniture yet. However Christmas is a big thing for us Filipinos – normally it is celebrated not just with immediate family but also extended family (or in my case with our clan) plus friends. So we are used to massive parties. Most of our friends went home to the Philippines to celebrate Christmas but this year it’s my hubby’s turn to stay in Jakarta so we decided to host a Christmas Eve party – even if we don’t have our buffet table yet.

Our first official party hosting: Christmas Eve 2010DiploDog hanging out by the tree

Our first official party hosting: Christmas Eve 2010Our entry hall with some Christmas decor

Our first official party hosting: Christmas Eve 2010

Welcome to our DiploHome!


Our first official party hosting: Christmas Eve 2010

TD checking the drinks before the guests arrive

We placed all the food in the dining table. Admittedly it was quite crowded with the drinks and all. Yes TD and I are planning to have a bar/liquor cabinet made as well. For now the dining table would have to do.

We moved the dining chairs against the wall. Made sure there were a lot of Christmas coasters available for guests to protect our teak furniture. 

Our first official party hosting: Christmas Eve 2010

Our hallway with Christmas decor for Christmas eve dinner. Guest book (inset) with gold-edged leaves from TD’s brother, who also happens to be a diplomat

Remember the pseudo-belen (nativity scene) I had on on the coffee table in the living room? I transferred it to the console to make space for pica-pica and guests food on the coffee table.

Though it is an informal event we like having our guest sign our guest book, because it will be fun to look at years from now – you never know who will someday be famous! =P And it’s a nice remembrance!

Our first official party hosting: Christmas Eve 2010

Since we don’t have a buffet yet, just lined the side with lights & some solid teakwood frames

  • String of lights PHUKET THAILAND
  • Solid Teak Picture frames DUNIA, YOGYAKARTA Set of 3 frames for Rp 150,000 or 15 USD est.

Hopefully I can order my L-shaped buffet table next month! Once I refine the design.

Our first official party hosting: Christmas Eve 2010

TD and I are happy to find that there is lechon in Indonesia: Babi Guling La Filipina

My favorite food in the world is lechon or roast suckling pig. I never eat lechon in Manila because they don’t do it as well as they do in Mindanao (Southern Philippine Island) however here in Indonesia it comes close if not exactly like our lechon in Mindanao! Awesome!!!

In Bali their specialty is Babi Guling however the spices used are different and it’s definitely spicy the way the Indonesians like it! Whenever we order lechon here we ask for Babi Guling La Filipina.

It’s VERY IMPORTANT  to remember that once the lechon is delivered, you must open the carton around it and poke big holes all over the paper wrapping so that the steam will escape and it will remain crispy until consumed. We don’t open it fully either so it doesn’t get cold fast.

Our first official party hosting: Christmas Eve 2010

Again I forgot to take a pic with the pig whole

Every time that wrapper is opened, I forget to restrain myself and immediately dive in. That’s why I never have a picture of the pig whole! ARGH!! =P

Our first official party hosting: Christmas Eve 2010

Drink of the night: Caipirinhas. Official bar tender (L)  and giving the shaker a whirl (R)

Our first official party hosting: Christmas Eve 2010

Bolognese  (L) & aglio olio peperoncino (R) a la Ritz

I learned to make these 2 recipes at cooking class at The Ritz Carlton.

Our first official party hosting: Christmas Eve 2010

Sweet potatoes for health conscious guests (L) and sugared ham (R)

Sugared ham is a traditional Christmas dish in our household. Not pictured is the Ayam Goreng Suharti a very popular place for Indonesian fried chicken.

Our first official party hosting: Christmas Eve 2010

My favorite thing to eat ever: crispy lechon skin and those streaky bits beneath the fat

To be honest I focused on eating as much lechon as I could since I usually indulge in this sinful treat only during Christmas time and special occasions!

Our first official party hosting: Christmas Eve 2010

Traditional Christmas food for TD’s family: Turrón from Spain (Top). And Klapertart, a local dessert from Manado, Indonesia (Bottom).

Thank you to I & S for bringing the traditional Indonesian dessert! It is very similar to Maja Blanca in the Philippines (Bottom). And thanks to TD’s brother who visited from Switzerland we had some Turrón as well!

Turrón (Spanish), torró (Catalan), or torrone (Italian) is a nougat confection, typically made of honey, sugar, and egg white, with toasted almonds or other nuts, and usually shaped into either a rectangular tablet or a round cake. It is frequently consumed as a traditional Christmas dessert in Spain and Italy.

Our first official party hosting: Christmas Eve 2010

Strawberry cheesecake from Harvest Cake Shop

The Strawberry Cheesecake is TD’s favorite cake among all of Harvest‘s yummy cakes! I used an acrylic cake stand from Ace Hardware.

Our first official party hosting: Christmas Eve 2010

A fun night eating and chatting with friends (Diplo Dog has fallen asleep under the coffee table with his ball by his snout – such a cutie!)

Not all our DiploFriends celebrate Christmas because we all come from different cultures and religions, however we were so very pleased that they came over and celebrated Christmas Eve with us. Though we weren’t with our family this year, it didn’t feel sad or lonely because we had our extended family here in Jakarta to celebrate with us! Thank you so much for coming!

Our first official party hosting: Christmas Eve 2010

Bubbly served when the clock struck midnight in crystal from Russia, given to us by TD’s mom.

When our guests left, it was time to open our gifts for each other. I gave TD a universal charging station and a starter-cufflinks & watch case with a couple of cufflinks in side.

TD gave me a gold coach bag, designer kitchen bowls I’ve been eyeing for so long (it was also the cover of my favorite design book, Design for Small Spaces, and finally a Dynamo label maker. Weeeee! I’ve been wanting one for so long!

But of course we wouldn’t forget about DiploDog…

Our first official party hosting: Christmas Eve 2010

Our gift for DiploDog: Begging Strips

Beggin Strips are the equivalent of BACON in doggie world, and DiploDog goes absolutely crazy for them. We only give them to him as a special treat.

Our first official party hosting: Christmas Eve 2010

DiploDog happy with his Christmas gifts: Beggin’ Strips and toys

Thanks Tito K and Tita D for the super fun toys! – DiploDog

Our first official party hosting: Christmas Eve 2010

DiploDog Anticipating his treat!

Our first official party hosting: Christmas Eve 2010

Lickin’ his chops!

Some things I learned from this party are:

  1. I really need a buffet table that can accommodate all the food for a party.
  2. I must design a liquor cabinet that not only stores liquor but also
    • Has a “table top” for preparing & serving it
    • This “table top” must have a tray (preferably stainless steel) that is removable and replaceable since it will for sure get wet
    • I also need to store a smaller stainless tray for serving shots
  3. I need to order a glass top for our dining table – the heat from the lechon caused our table to have water-stains
  4. I need to buy a set of 14 champagne glasses that aren’t too expensive. The set is usually 12, but I try to get 14 – the two extra is incase of breakage. The expensive set that my mother-in-law gave me was only for 6.

GALERI POT  (JC’s Pottery)

Jl. Kemang Timur No. 58 R, Jakarta 12 730, Indonesia
+62-21-718 0881 / 718 0209 | Fax: + 62-21-717 93070
shop@jcspottery.com | www.jcspottery.com

Chic Mart – Kemang, Jakarta

021 – 719 92 49
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 55, Jakarta Selatan
Check out Retota  on the 2/f of Chic Mart

The Harvest Cake Shop

Jl. Dharmawangsa Raya No. 10 B, Jakarta Selatan  | +62-21-7394225 | Fax : +62-21-7394914
Jl Senopati Raya, No.78, Jakarta Selatan | +62-21-72788657 | Fax : +62-21-7396125

Family’s Household Ceramics

Where I bought square stoneware dinner set: 40pcs for only Rp 650,000 / 65 USD est.
Jl RS. Fatmawati Cilandak I No. 3, Jakarta Selatan | 021-7650991

Lovely comments

  1. says

    AWESOME!!! I’m sooo proud of you and happy for you my dear :-) Caipirinhas!!! I love it! And Diplo Dog gets his own picture in a frame! Wayyy coool! Can’t wait to visit you guys!!!

  2. Charmarie says

    Hi ,

    I found you googleing for pottery in Sri Lanka on the first page …. how very funny….. Do drop a line when you plan to visit Sri Lanka may be I can give some insider tips!!!!

  3. Kath says

    What a beautiful home you made for you and TD, absolutely gorgeous! You entertain in style and of course, with class! I’m impressed. I need to take pictures of our humble abode and email them to you sometime. I’d like your opinion. Merry Christmas DWife! :-)

    • says

      Thanks sweety! I really wish you would visit me here! Come come! It’s looking a bit bare now without all the Christmas Decoration. Which means I have to start working on my next project – the buffet cabinet! I would love to see your new home! Please do send me pics or post em on FB and tag me! I super miss you!

    • says

      Re the lechon, we don’t like lechon paksiw so we place some in the ref the next day for toasting in the oven. The rest we just freeze for long term storage and once in a while we treat ourselves with re-fried lechon. We like em crispy!


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