Christiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend shoots in the Philippines for Sports Illustrated


Irina Shayk is the new cover of Sports Illustrated (image: Lucire)

Yes Irina Shayk (Russian model and WAG) is the new covergirl of Sports Illustrated. The cover is shot in Hawaii but I am happy to note that another shoot for the issue took place in the Philippines. Cool! Been trying to look for images of the shoot in the Philippines and more details as to where exactly it was done. If anyone knows or has a link to this info please give me a shout out on the comments section! Thanks!

They keep talking about the pink diamonds on the front of the top but it’s not clear to me in the photo above! Can anyone see where the heck those diamonds are? =)

Click here to read the full article on Irina Shayk’s Sports Illustrated Cover.


Thanks TD for forwarding me the links to the photos taken in Boracay. Enjoy the pics…Happy clicking!

Happy Sole was also nice enough to  provide these links to Sports Illustrated’s Notes on FB (Click on the links below for full stories):

  1. SCENES FROM A SWIMSUIT SHOOT (Part 1): White Beach, Boracay, Philippines
  2. SCENES FROM A SWIMSUIT SHOOT (Part 2): White Beach, Boracay, Philippines

These Travel Blog posts are provided by writer Luke Winn ( who was in the shoot in Boracay and “provided some good memories as well as fantastic photos.”

Here’s a photo and an excerpt from PART 1 & 2:

Sports Illustrated shoots Irina Shayk in Boracay Philippines



Irina and Raphael are out in the water now, working on a particular topless shot that requires her to spring out of the water and throw her wet hair back over her head. He is shooting her from the back while she faces out to sea. Boats are beginning to scramble to get ashore, and one man in a kayak, initially oblivious to what was happening, clears the rock and is greeted with a full-frontal eyeful. It appears to momentarily stun him, as he stops paddling, forgetting the troubling weather conditions — or perhaps thinking that, as final visions go, he could do much worse.


Sports illustrated shoot in borcay Philippines

Quote from one of our stylists, Ward, to model Esti Ginzburg, who was — for the purpose of a shoot — dancing with a local in a tribal costume: “That’s great … it’s just like Brigitte Bardot on a Greek Taverna.”



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    She’s Russian? She looks like Brazilian to me for some reason. I hear the beaches in the Philippines are gorgeous. Would love to see the photos taken in the Philippines!

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      Hi Kaho, I guess she has a really great tanning salon! Hehe! But if she was stark white you can totally see that she has that beautiful Russian look! I updated the post with some photos taken in the Phils. Click on the links to see more!

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