CSN Freebie Giveaway

Again this promo giveaway is for my readers in the U.S. and Canada! The winner which I will pick randomly will receive a CSN promotional gift card worth $35 $40 (USD) that can be used at over 200 CSN online stores, where you can find everything from gorgeous lights to fantastic fitness equipment to fabulous cookware!!

Thank you to CSN Stores for this privilege. And also thank you to my blog readers for your patience during this time of transition! Hopefully in a couple of weeks I’ve tweaked the design to (almost) perfection! In the mean time, you can still count on my commitment of at least 5 posts a week!


There are FOUR ways to enter this contest. Each one represents one entry, so if you do all then you have 4 entries and more chances of winning!

  1. Subscribe to this blog via email (click here for detailed instructions on how to do this)
  2. Follow me on Twitter
  3. Like my Facebook page
  4. Blog about this giveaway contest (make sure to link back to this post)

When you’re done with one or all of the above you must leave a comment and tell me what you would buy if ever you win. This is mandatory, no comment = invalid entries.

And please don’t forget to leave me your email so I know how to contact you!

Contest will be closed by March 11 at 12:01am EST. Winners will be announced that week.

*UPDATE: CSN increase the Gift Certificate to 40 USD from 35 USD. Yay! Thank you CSN!!

Images via:

  • CSN Stores (lighting)
  • pcfastlane (gift)

Lovely comments

    • says

      Hi Kaho, yes you can enter. Are you subscribed to my new blog? Since it’s completely new (you’ll have to input your email address again in the feedburner box on the right side. That counts as one entry, and your twitter is also counted as one entry! If you blog about this contest (An example topic would be what you would buy on CSN if ever you win the 35usd GC) then that would really be helping a fellow blogger out and would be counted as another entry! =D

      Thanks for being the first person to join this contest! Please tell your friends to join too! Thanks!

      • says

        I subscribed to your blog after you moved. Even when I didn’t before, I came to you almost everyday!

        Since I have some wall space to decorate and I always love the look of shelves on a wall, these are what I would love to get!
        Nexxt – CB22WH-INT – 2 Piece Wall Cube Set in White
        Nexxt – RS203W-INT – Cubbi 3 Piece Wall Shelf Set in White
        Nexxt – RS203C-INT – Cubbi 3 Piece Wall Shelf Set in Cairo

        We’ve never owned a wine rack, but I think it’s cool to have a wine rack. I thought that these wine racks are really cool.
        Spectrum – 467X – Euro Hilo 7-Bottle Wine Rack
        Oenophilia – 010095 – Bamboo Wine Rack
        Blomus – 68486 – Pilare Wine Bottle Storage for 12 Bottles

        I have one more room that I can decorate. I would love to have some wall hangings and these would be lovely.
        Graham & Brown – 42649 – New York Printed Canvas Art
        Trademark Global – V6072-C2432GG – See India, Traditional Canvas Art – 32″ x 24″

        There are so many options on this site! It’s amazing!

        • says

          It’s totally crazy right? They have so many nice things! And yes I absolutely love the idea of wall cubes! Thanks so much for joining! Since you follow me on twitter and subscribe to my blog you have 2 entries. Thanks so much for joining and all the sweet comments on my blog!

    • says

      Thanks for joining Celine! Did you know that the last winner was from NYC too? I am totally loving the new look of both your sites by the way!

      What would you use the GC for if you win the contest?

  1. Anna Savage says

    Alright missy, I’ve subscribed to your new blog! :) Good job on moving over your blog to a .com address!

    Okay, if I were to win this contest, I would totally buy the 7 Piece Tetra Cube Shelving Set. :)

    *hint* it’s my birthday month! I hope I win! :)

    • says

      Thanks for joining Anna! And may I say such a stylish and awesome choice on the shelving set! May the birthday gods be with you when I click on that random number generator! Chalking up 2 entries for Anna Savage (subscription + FB like)! And happy birthday sweety! =P

  2. says

    Congrats on the new site – lookin’ sharp! Would put the gift certificate towards some new frames – we’re headed towards our next post in the US this summer and will need to catalog all the memories from Vienna for a proud display!

    • says

      Thank you! Oh wow how quick your post are! Just 2 years if I am not mistaken? You definitely should frame your photos -you take such beautiful ones!

      Please don’t forget to activate your email subscription by clicking on the link in your email. Once your subscription is active I’ll chalk up one entry for TNDW! =)

  3. Katherine says

    I love this giveaway! I wish I could enter but cannot do any of the entry methods. does being a regular reader qualify me?

    • says

      OoOooooh! Yes fab glassware is definitely an adult must have. I actually just bought crystal red wine glasses. Schott Zweisel was on sale. Weeee! Btw if you like my FB page it will add another entry! For now… one entry for you coz you follow me on twitter =) Thanks for entering dear!

  4. shala_darkstone says

    If I won I’d love to put the gift certificate toward the Aerosoles – THUMB PRI-002 – Thumb Printz Sport Shoes in Black Leather. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  5. karen b. david says

    hey DiploWife! looks like you’re having a great time as a diplomatic wife! we’re actually a bit alike. my hubby is assigned here in chicago. we (with our baby clara and another one on the way) are gonna be here for a while. hope to catch up with you when we’re both in the same part of the world!

    if i win i’ll probably get my hubby something for he can use in the kitchen. he’s the chef in the family! hehe

    karen bitanga-david :)

    • says

      Hey Karen, thanks for joining! Chalked up one entry for your (FB like).

      I didn’t realize that you were based in Chicago already and 2nd kid on the way! Wow! Congratulations! How long is your post in Chicago and what is your husband doing there? Lucky you your hubby cooks! That’s not gonna happen here LOL! =P

  6. says

    Thank you to everyone for joining the contest! I will be announcing the winner first thing tomorrow via post on this blog! Stay tuned!

    This contest is closed. Comments submitted after this are no longer valid for entries.


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