JAKARTA GOOD TO KNOW: Calling Card Printer

I’ve been meaning to make Calling Cards or Name Cards (Kartu Nama in Bahasa) for the longest time but didn’t know where to have them made. Thanks to Kaho of Chuzai Living for sharing with me where she had hers done! Seeing her super cute calling cards also spurred me to finally get moving on having mine made. 

Here in Jakarta, even the smallest stall/store has a calling card (with their website, facebook page or twitter on them!) and as a blogger it is just easier to ask permission to take pictures of a store if you have a card just like Kaho mentioned.

So off I went to Adorama along Jl. Kemang Raya. I checked out both Adorama and Office 2000. My blog calling cards were from Office 2000 because they have the embossed/rise design I was looking for and their style was much more grown up and classic – perfect for The Diplomatic Wife blog. Unfortunately for me their prices went up! From the IDR 125,000 per 100pcs that Kaho said, it is now IDR 200,000. Mine was IDR 250,000 because it is back to back.

Most of the designs they had were overwhelming for me (like full batik print on the entire card with a outline of a world map in the back) but I found one that was simpler. Some of the colors were also a bit too flashy for me but the one’s that I picked were the most subtle available. You might be wondering why the front is different color from the back… because the silver green font (front) for the rise is barely readable when it’s flat. For the flat printing (back) the brown seemed the nicest.

*Note: For the purpose of this post, details in the image above like my name and mobile number were changed to protect my privacy. However the email and website are correct.

As for my calling cards for baked goods I decided to get them from Adorama – they have cuter designs suited to the personality of cupcakes AND it is much cheaper so I don’t add to my cost (35 IDR for 100 pcs + 25 IDR for the design). I haven’t finalized this design yet because I was out of town but will definitely post it once it’s done.

I am quite happy with how my calling cards came out! What do you think of them?


100 calling cards in back to back with gold hotstamp in front and normal printing in the back is not around IDR 360.000. It’s crazy how fast things are increasing in Jakarta. #InflationSucks

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    Nicely done! Beautiful and they definitely reflect your taste!! I picked the most economical choice with basic service. Yours is lovely. You did a good job changing the information on the card using some photo editing software (I assume). I can’t even tell if it was the real print or your editing. I can’t wait to see it in person!!

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