DIPLO DOG: Road to Recovery

DiploDog is sick. If you don’t have a dog, I suggest you skip this post because I am mainly posting this for the information of dog owners out there who like us may not have known certain things about our pets. I hope you find this post informative. But for those who don’t have pets you might find the details too yucky. ;P

Now off to the details. DiploDog got an infection in his bottom because we failed to have his anal sacs expressed. I feel like such a bad mommy. =( My husband and I didn’t even know that dogs had anal sacs before our Pom. Despite having had dogs for 20 years of his life, my husband didn’t realize that dogs anal sacs had to be expressed regularly. I guess his dogs did it on their own pretty well but rubbing their bottoms on the floor/ground.

Certain dogs like Poms are not very good at expressing their own anal sacs (perhaps because their bottoms are so hairy?) so they have to have it done by the vet. If you don’t express it regularly your dog can get an infection and an abscess like DiploDog did. =(

The last few days has seen us going back and forth to the Vet. DiploDog has been very lethargic. Today we noticed that the abscess finally  burst and DiploDog has been licking it so some hairs got stuck. We had to bring him again today so the Vet could safely cut off the hairs and also give him a cone so he would stop licking it. Apparently these things can be very itchy for dogs while it’s healing. And DiploDog licking it is gonna slow down the healing process.

So now we have to clean and put cream 3 times a day. This is very difficult with all 3 of us (TD, me and the maid) all helping out because DiploDog really struggles and cries out. It’s hard to do as well because we feel bad for him… it must be so painful for him to cry, yelp and struggle so much. But it has to be done.  He is also having a hard time eating and drinking with his cone so we help him out. Here are some pics of TD feeding DiploDog by hand. Awww….

Another side effect of this is that DiploDog has been holding his poop in. So the doctor also gave us some laxative for him to take if he still doesn’t go tomorrow. I kinda feel bad for him because I’m sure it will be painful when he does. =( At least the laxative will ease it a bit for him.


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