JAKARTA GOOD TO KNOW: Matauang Money Changer

People visiting Jakarta always ask me where to have their money changed. Most malls have money changers and banks so feel free to ask the information desk. However if you want a good rate I can recommend two below that are reputable and we’ve had good experiences with. I also have some tips when changing money after the jump!

Matauang Money Exchange

  • 021 2555 4145
  • FX Lifestyle Mall, F2-07, Jl. Jend. Sudirman – Pintu Satu Senayan, Jakarta Pusat 10270
  • This is our preferred money changes because the rates were low and it was nearer to us too.

PT. Sejahtera Valasindo Abadi

  • 021 7692364
  • Mall Pondok Indah Satu, lantai dasar


  1. Check the ZEROS when paying Rp100,000 or Rp10,000 (see picture above). There have been many victims of this, giving tips that they think is 10,000 when in reality they gave 100,000. This is especially common during those nights were people have partied a little and don’t think to double check what they give their cab drivers. Right now though, there are newer 10,000 bills that are purple in color.
  2. Do not forget the FIRST item in my Things to know when visiting Indonesia post. Not every dollar is equal here and sometimes they wont even accept your money if it’s old.
  3. You can negotiate, but only for additinal  IDR 10-30 per USD (For example the rate is IDR 9,000 = 1 USD, you can try to nego for IDR 9,010 instead. This really depends on
  4. Remember be wary of small money changers with too good to be true rates.
  5. Take your time and count your money well. Do not get confused because money reaches millions here. Don’t take your eyes of your money.

Cautionary tale:

A friend of ours was in Bali with his wife and son. They found a store that had really awesome rates. It wasn’t one of those accredited money changers, but rather a store that was also willing to change money. They decided to take the risk. Only to realize later on that they lost USD 200. Somewhere along while millions of rupiah were being exchanged, two of their 100 dollar bills went missing. But they only realized this later on when it was too late. They were also distracted because they were had to watch their young child and because they were counting so much money. If the rate is too good to be true, then it probably is.

This is why I recommend these reputable money changers. You still have to be careful, but if for example you realized that they gave you the wrong amount, you can go back and complain

Lovely comments

  1. Rosa says

    Sejahtera Valasindo Isnt too Good as we think.I Just bought USD500, this afternoon I called them and say that I wanna buy Rp.6.000.000 that means around USD492. They said the rate for USD is Rp.12.190 but when I come to their place they said they didn’t get my call for confirm on this rate and they wanna give me the new rate Rp..12.250. Please be careful and always check the rate to another money changers because sometime they give you higher rate than other money changers


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