For those traveling to Jakarta this is my recommended list of To-Dos. This is of course just based on my limited experience of Jakarta. I am no expert as I have only been living here shy of two years. But I’ve enjoyed my experiences in the following places and I hope you get to check them out and enjoy them too!

“The National Monument (Indonesian: Monumen Nasional (Monas)) is a 433 ft (132 meter) tower in the center of Merdeka Square, Central Jakarta, symbolizing the fight for Indonesia’s independence.”

MONAS jakarta joseph leh


  1. Go antiquing at Jalan Surabaya (Only recommended M-Thurs in the a.m.)
  2. Shopping at the Gemstone Market at Pasar Rawa Bening (Only recommended M-Thurs in the a.m.) from expensive gems to cheap fakes. They also have beautiful pearls.
  3. Bargain batik shopping at Tanah Abang (Only recommended M-Thurs in the a.m.)
  4. Pasalubong shopping (from highest to lowest)
    • Pasaraya *Very big but not necessarily cheaper and nicer than Alun-alun
  5. Aksara for interesting books and gift items that are not available in the Phils.


  1. Visit the MONAS (National Monument)
  2. Vist the National Museum which is near the MONAS
  3. Arrange for a group tour of Gedung Dua8 (private museum, by appointment only) *I highly recommend this versus the National Museum
  4. Check out the old square Fatahillah Square in the morning. Eat brunch at historic Cafe Batavia and visit the Jakarta History Museum (closes at 3pm).


  1. Get a super relaxing cream bath at Johnny Andrean , Grand Indonesia *call for appointment
  2. Get your feet pampered & amazing reflexology at Kenko Fish Spa Senayan City or Pacific Place *I reco getting a 30min fish spa session together with a 30min back massage which they will do while you’re feet are dipped in the pool. The pain in your foot will magically disappear after this session and your feet/legs will be so soft!



  1. Taman Safari – according to some of my friends they find this better than the Night Safari in Singapore.
  2. Visit hundred year old trees at the impressive Bogor Botanical Gardens  and eat lunch at Dedaunan Restaurant (reservations needed) Also check out the outlet stores for clothes and bags/luggage.
  3. Taman Mini – learn about  how different tribes in different islands in Indonesia live. Visit the Komodo dragon.
  4. Bandung – shopping for designer overruns, just check to make sure it’s not a fake as fakes abound.

CLICK HERE to see the list of my favorite restaurants in Jakarta

How about you? What’s on your Jakarta Hitlist? =)




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  1. says

    What a nice list!! I have friends who have tried Kenko fish spa, but I don’t know if I can do it… Social House Brunch is also good! I would love to go to Dharmawangsa Hotel Brunch with you! We’ll have to find a day for that. I’ve never been to Alun-alun department store. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for sharing the lovely list!! Kaho

    • says

      You totally should try the fish spa! Just start with the small fish first! LOL! It will tickle to much if you start with the medium or large! Are you ticklish? Holy cow I can’t believe you’ve never been to Alun alun! You will love it. My favorite buy was the silk batik fan Rp150. Totally worth it! The print is so beautiful because they use the batik prints for the royals and it’s so light. I actually like it than the famed Spanish fans because those can become quite heavy when you are fanning yourself in this weather. But the silk batik fans are so light and produce such as quite a breeze!

  2. Amory Sotto-Busalla says

    Thank you for posting this, a hit list indeed! Very helpful for someone new in Jakarta. I’m really glad I discovered blogs like this, written by a fellow Pinay pa so very easy to relate to.

    • says

      You are most welcome. I am happy that you find the list useful. Do let me know which ones you’ve tried already! I would love to hear your experiences =)

  3. aman mufit says

    amazing!!!that only word I can say, I am Indonesian but living abroad most of my life, so You know Indonesia better than me, thanks for sharing, hopefuly I can visit Bali this year on my vacation

    • says

      I am honored by your comment! It has really been fun exploring Indonesia… so much culture, gastronomic delights and shopping to be had. I am glad you enjoy my posts on my adventures!

  4. Esquire says

    Just found out that my family and I might be in Jakarta in September. Guess which blog I first checked out! Great tips:)

  5. Martin says

    For good Balinese massage (or just good massage in general), we love going to Zen Spa, along Jl. Gunawarman, just a few meters from Turkuaz. Turkuaz + Zen Spa is a great combination!

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