MANILA FINDS: The sweetest mangoes in the world!

For ME that is! Though I’m sure that many of you will agree to me…if you don’t then you probably haven’t tried our mangoes =P We are all entitled to an opinion on who has the best what, but since this is my blog then I’m expressing my own personal opinion haha!

Last week my husband arrived from work and meetings really late – about 2 am to be exact. And he woke me up to tell me the good…no GREAT… news! Someone brought us mangoes from the Philippines!!! I couldn’t believe my ears! HOLY COW! =D 

Never in my wildest dreams did I think someone would bring us mangoes from the Philippines which we have missed so much! We only ever ask for a bag or two of Boy Bawang or Lucky Me Instant Pansit Canton Calamansi and if we are lucky a can of Purefoods Corned Beef. Why? Because mangoes are too heavy! (And I’m not about to ask someone to bring me just 2 mangoes – torture! LOL!)  But check this out:

Thank you so much to our lovely friend Rosanna for bringing them to Jakarta for us. We will not forget this!

I lovingly unwrapped them and let them ripen some more on my fruit basket. I can’t stand when mangoes are not super sweet… I think growing up with a constant supply of the sweetest mangoes in the province really spoiled me. I can tell by not only the color and the sap coming out, but also by the smell! 2 days after, they started to ripen one by one. Once ripe I put it each one in the fridge overnight and my oh my! What glorious breakfasts we’ve been having! =D

Whenever I think of mangoes I can’t help but think of Chichajo of 80 Breakfasts blog fame and her post about Philippine mangoes being the sweetest fruit she’s ever tasted. She totally verbalize my thoughts on mangoes in the best way possible. Philippine mangoes are indeed something that we can totally brag about, together with our beaches and lechon (best pig ever according to Anthony Bourdain!)! It is no wonder that Chichajo and I are fast friends – we think alike! =P

Yes there are mangoes in Indonesia but they taste more like what we call indian mangoes. Don’t get me wrong….I like indian mangoes once in a while with some soy sauce and sugar (weird I know!) or bagoong (shrimp paste) but to use it in desserts like cakes and pudding is something that I found shocking when first I arrived. =P

How about you? What is your favorite fruit in the world and where can it be found?

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  1. says

    I totally agree!!! Philippine Mangoes ROCK big time! The fruits in Sri Lanka are awesome – the papaya you can’t go wrong. Always tastes sweet. But the mangoes – just like Indo mangoes – are the “Indian” Mango variety we have back home. Nothing compares to Philippine Mangoes!!! Your pictures are making me salivate! Oh no, be still my pregnant belly! Hahahaha!

    • says

      You are so funny! Ta! Gosh I couldn’t find reasonably priced tickets for June so I’m having TD look for tickets a little further off… is there any particular time that you might be traveling that you want me to avoid or any month that is good for you? Lemme know so I can keep it in mind! =) Thanks sweety!

      I can’t imagine not having philippine mangoes while pregnanat! Gaaaaaah!

  2. Stevezx says

    I would like to say that I was very dissapointed with Filipino mangoes when I was in Manila a year back. It could be the wrong season.

    IMHO, the best mangoes so far are Alphonsoes (India), Harum Manis (Indonesia) and Rainbow (Thailand)..

    • says

      I am so sorry to hear that Stevezx! I’m afraid not all Philippine mangoes are made equal and perhaps I should have made that very clear in my post. Normally the mangoes I purchase in the grocery (usually Rustans) are not very good, hence it is good to have a supplier just like Chichajo of 80 Breakfasts. The mangoes I enjoy in my province of Mindanao – some we order from a supplier and some used to grow in our backyard are far superior too! Also correct timing is essential. Are you sure they were ripe? Many mangoes seem ripe but aren’t quite and a day can make all the difference. It’s so unfortunate that your mango experience did no go as wonderfully as expected!

      Thanks for telling me the brands you like best. I will definitely keep an eye out for them. Btw the Harum Manis is it like the Indian Mangoe variety?


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