DIPLO FINDS: TSA Combination Locks

Remember I told you about how they broke our Victorinox locks when we flew Garuda Airlines going to Lombok?  I made sure to visit The Travel Club Shangri-la Mall, Mandaluyong for replacements. I knew what I wanted:

  1. TSA locks so they wouldn’t be broken by airport security (I don’t know if they have TSA keys in Indonesian airports but I figure why not give it a shot?)
  2. Must be light-weight – I don’t want it to add to my already heavy baggage
  3. Must be a combination lock – it is super hassle looking for keys to open your bag in the airport, so combination locks are best

I wanted to get a Victorinox lock however the locks they were selling were super heavy. So I settled for red lightweight Delsey locks. I love it because it perfectly matches my whole black and red themed luggage! Perfect!

Each lock was  Php 590 or 12 USD. But since there was a discount on most items (because of the new store location perhaps?) I got each lock for Php 472 only. Yey! I love getting items on discount! If I could help it, I always wait for a sale. =P


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    Hay, reminds me of when all 4 of our TSA locks got stolen on a trip to NY 2 years ago. Along with that, they stole a MacBookPro box filled with tops I just bought from Woodbury. JFK is actually worse than NAIA. Haha.

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        I did and they said it didn’t happen on Cathay. And it didn’t happen in the Philippines. They suspect it really happened in JFK. And if you google, you’ll see a lot of videos of stuff being stolen by JFK TSA personnel!! Grabe diba?? They target laptops in luggage, cameras, designer bags — good thing we packed a new Mac and a new bag I bought in the handcarry. So, the lesson – NEVER EVER put such things in check-in. It’s a good thing they just got the box and some tops.

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          That’s awful!! Thanks for the cautionary tale! Most definitely, TD and I always pack the important/expensive stuff in the handcarry – you never know! JFK TSA personnel of all people!!!


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