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Another shop I must visit when I am in the Philippines is FINO. I love their gorgeous leather and the amazing quality of their products! They provide a lifetime warranty for their leather, which tells you that is how sturdy their leather and workmanship is! Recently went there and bought a few amazing items. Read on to see what I got!

White embossed leather with green lining.

Davos Big CLI 

I’ve wanted a white bag for the longest time except each one I see stains easily and I have to be honest with myself… for such an OC person I can get really dirty. And I need a bag that can take a lot of wear and tear. After all I travel a lot. During my trip to Manila I made the mistake of using my gold leather Coach bag. The handles’ gold color faded. =( That bag was definitely not for traveling. This bag however meets all my requirements: sturdy as hell, not easily stained (thanks to gorgously embossed leather), spacious and heavy duty (can take a lot of weight). Best thing about it is that it has the quality of a Louis Vuitton speedy but the price of a Ninewest bag. AWWWWESOME.

Slim calling card holder with orange lining

Basic Card case 

They have a really cute selection of calling card holders. The one that I was really attracted to was the hot pink leather with orange lining. It had such a Kate Spade look (which I love!) but the thing with really soft leather is that it gets really dirty quick especially if it’s getting juggled inside your bag with your make-up kit, wallet, ballpen, etc. So I opted for this embossed super thin calling card case pictured above. Perfect for a credit card, calling cards and a few bills for a night out using a tiny purse!

Red Luggage tag

Again embossed leather to handle all the wear and tear that your luggage goes through (ergo your luggage tag too). I got it in red to match my black and red luggage and red TSA locks!

Fino leatherware are great gifts! If you let the saleslady know that you are purchasing a gift, they provide gift box, bag and card. Love. It.  Below is the matching cardholder I got for TD.


Once you’ve bought your first FINO bag, you get a 10% discount on all future purchases. Amazing right? Ask the saleslady about it on your next visit to FINO.

I posted more pictures of my new FINO bag & iPad case *drool!* that I have and it has a complete list of FINO stores in Manila. Click here to see it!

If you do find yourself in the Philippines, I highly recommend you check out FINO!


  • Powerplant Mall, Shop 230 Level R-2 Rockwell Center, Amapola cor. Estrella Sts., Poblacion, Makati City
  • +632 898 1456 – 7
  • FINO also has outlets in Shangri-la Mall Mandaluyong, etc.

Lovely comments

    • says

      True! I wish they did too… but they don’t even have a website. I think they also produce for companies abroad and make more money by producing for bigger brands than building their own brand. They do however have a loyal Manila clientele.

  1. says

    I certainly wish they did!! Looks like a very high quality brand and I love that chic polished look. Girl, the white one makes me want to reach my credit card and get one! I guess it’s a good thing they didn’t have an online store 😛

  2. says

    I love Fino too and I have a few already (from my own purchases and gifts from husband) but I am trying not to buy ANY MORE bags!! (I know, I know, sacrilege. Haha) I didn’t know their leather had lifetime warranty though!! Can I bring my old bag back if it gets damaged?

    • says

      Simplifying aye? I get it especially if you don’t have space anymore! I usually only have one color of each basic bag and only buy when it’s laspag already. Yes of course you can bring bags back if it’s damage also to have it cleaned. I don’t know if they charge for cleaning. And warranty is on the leather. If the hardware is broken they can replace at a minimal charge. How’s that for practical?!?

  3. khoLEEN says

    Thanks for posting. Im an avid fan of FINO since my ex-bf bought me their red croc leather wallet back in 2007. Im still using in now — along with the a bunch of FINO red croc leather items. =) But to control my urge to splurge on FINO, i only allowed myself to collect the red croc leather stuff. Aside from my old reliable wallet, i now have the bag, big organizer, big fat wallet, checkbook cover, passport cover, card cases in three styles, pen case, keyholders and bag tag. Hopefully they would still continue with the line. Their SAs have excellent customer service too. Tip, they’re on sale annually starting mid-june until mid-july. =)

    • says

      Hi KhoLEEN, I totally understand your obsession with the alligator embossed leather (if I’m not mistaken, they use calf leather) line. My very first FINO bag is also from the same line. It’s the same one as my bag tag isn’t it? Hopefully I get to amass a collection as incredible as yours. Though I like to change it up and I am in love with the embossing on my white bag in this post. I am still regretting not getting the wallet. Argh! They definitely have great customer service and lifetime guarantee on their leathers! Imagine that quality? Thank you so much on the info on the sale season. I’ll definitely watch out for it!!

  4. Maya Co says

    I LOVE FINO handbags and accessories. Each time I travel to Manila, Fino is in my itinerary and never missed a visit without buying something from FINO. Wish too that they we could buy online. my latest purchase was the handbag with green lining pictured above – very comfy and just the right size for me. i heard they have a shop at power plant – I go to the the Glorieta 3 shop but would like to see other places as they may have other selections,

    • says

      Hi Maya Co! First thank you for dropping by and commenting on my blog! I really appreciate hearing from peeps! Wow we have the same taste =) Yes my favorite store to go to is the Powerplant and Shangri-la Mall ones, just because both are less crowded malls. =P I think it’s great to check out different locations since they have very limited stocks, certain items are available/not available in each store. I super regret not buying the white long wallet that matched our bags! It was such a great deal at P2500. You wont find that quality at that price here!

  5. Jing says

    Hi, this blog really helped. I also love Fino’s speedy bag and I’ve been planning to to get one. The only thing is I find dark shades too strong. I didn’t see a white bag on display so I assumed they didn’t have one and honestly, even if I saw one I wouldn’t consider buying it because keeping anything white here in Manila is frustrating. But realizing (thanks to you) that it’s made of genuine leather and can truly stand a lot of wear and tear I now find myself wanting to get one. So thanks! By the way, I was actually looking for their website hoping to see more designs and luckily I saw your blog. :)

    • says

      Hi Jing, I’m glad you found my blog. I am not sure if they still have the white since this post was from last May and they normally change colors and design. I was pleasantly surprised by this white embossed leather of theirs though because it’s SO easy to keep clean and does not stain easily. Just keep it away from cheap fabrics that really stain white items or new denims that need to be washed. This bag has been my favorite travel bag lately, even more than my LV speedy because it’s easier to keep clean than the untanned LV leather. It’s even more dusty here in Jakarta so for me to say that is a big deal. I say go for it! Enjoy the new bag!

  6. says

    I love Fino. I have the office satchel, the card case for 20 cards (I’m such a shopaholic), the coin purse, and the checkbook holder, all in red wine color, plain calfskin. Like khoLeen, I have decided to just focus on the red wine, or else I’d end up buying too many darn stuff!

    Now I’m in the market for a wristlet in red wine. I do hope they come up with iPhone cases and cases for other gadgets. I love the satchel because it fits my 11-inch MacBook Air perfectly. Now I hope they have a sleeve for it, in red wine. Won’t that be just great?

  7. Moose says

    I know a store similar to Fino, it’s called The Leather Collection. Quality is just as amazing. 😀 You can check it out too :)

  8. Vi Ta says

    I have the same material of slim calling card holder but mine is like a wallet,can hold up to 20 credit cards. I bought it when we were posted in Manila 7 years ago. Now we are posted here in Jakarta ans I’m still using it. It’s a good buy!

  9. says

    I love Fino bags. Excellent quality in an affordable price. Every time I visit The Philippines I would drop by the store in Glorietta. I’m going there on the 18th Feb-26th Feb. Is it possible to order a black crocodile design (deep emboss) bowling bag? One of the products I bought is a tangerine classic bowling bag. I’d love to have a matching long wallet with zipper around it. My email address is lolatjendraputra@gmail.com Thank you. Lola.

    • says

      Dear Lola, I am in no way affiliated with FINO. I do not own the store. I am just a happy and loyal customer. You can speak with their store staff about ordering specific products and ask for the email address of the owner, though I think you may have to have a minimum number of orders for them to do it for you. Good luck!

  10. Abigale Panlilio says

    i was in chicago a month ago as my company sent me for training. i always carry my fino bag with me and when i entered a dept store ( neiman marcus ), an american lady who works there noticed my bag ( pink speedy ) and she asked where i got it. told her its a philippine brand called fino. she asked me if they have a website which im not sure ( there is fino india website ) im just proud of my fino bag and the fact that its phil made

    • says

      Niiice! I know what you mean! I am so proud to be carrying a local Filipino brand that is so stylish. I’ve been asked about my bag by a people several times, once by fabulous gay guy in an aeroplane, and it tickled me pink. They always think its a super expensive, chic brand. Once I discovered FINO I stopped buying LV, etc. Why spend more when this is actually lower maintenance and is one of a kind. Thanks for sharing your FINO story with me and commenting on my blog Abigale!

      • LL says

        Hi, I am just wondering if you are able to post more photos of your Fino products including the styles of the bag. I have fallen in love with the brand after discovering it last year when I was on holidays Manila. I live in Australia and would absolutely love to own another bag but it’s difficult to do without knowing what they call their bags. I wish they would develop their own website.

        • says

          Hi LL, so far I have done two posts on FINO. I have only one other bag, calling card case and a men’s wallet that I haven’t posted. These were purchased in September of last year. If you are interested to see them, though they aren’t the latest models, I can post their photos. Unfortunately I haven’t been back to the Philippines since so I have no idea what their latest styles are. I think their FINO brand is just a part of their business, if I am not mistaken they produce for brands in New York, etc. I agree they should definitely launch their own website. I myself would like to be able to order them online, if they don’t increase their prices range. =)


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