I first heard of the PocketBac hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works when some girlfriends from Manila came over to Jakarta and Bali for a vacay. Each of them had one in different scents and colors hanging from their bags. They told me it’s so common know in Manila “everyone has it!” So on my last trip to Manila I kept an eye out for it.

Got my strap in gold-glitter coz that’s how I roll (LOL) and got 2 PocketBacs in Warm Vanilla Sugar and Peach Bellini. It smells as fab as it sounds. Seriously. I wish I had gotten more (so many colors and scents to choose from) because these are such nice tokens for friends. I love how I don’t even have to scrounge around my bag any more for my hand sanitizer after a visit to the loo coz it’s just hanging from my bag strap. Easy to transfer from one bag to another too.

The strap and the PocketBac was a total of P125 (Rp 25,000 or USD 2.50). One was P 50 (Rp 10,000 or USD 1)  and the other was P 75 (Rp 15,000 or USD 1.50) I can’t remember which is which, but all  I know is that it’s practically the same cost as it is if you buy it in the USA. Found lots of them in the Cash and Carry Makati mezzanin.

Don’t you think it goes perfect with my FINO bag?!? Enjoy your day and “SPREAD LOVE NOT GERMS!

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    Girl, I cannot get enought of these things. They’re everywhere. A few in my car, a few in different bags…I’m guilty of buying too many of these. They do make great gifts too! So cutely packaged and this one does go really well with your gorjess fino bag!

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      True! I wish there was a place I can buy some delicious smelling Bath and Body products here in Jakarta. You wouldn’t happen to know where would you?!? Next time I go to Manila I’m buying loads of these! Thank you… I’m quite happy with the coincidental perfect match! =D

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      Hi Maya, I would also love to know where I can get Bath and Body products from Jakarta. So sad it’s not popular here! B&B products are the yummiest smelling! Sorry couldn’t help you! If you do find it, do let me know!


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