JAKARTA EATS: The Upper Crust

I’ve been sick so I haven’t been able to groceries for a while, so when I realized our fridge was running low I decided it was time to close the kitchen and time to try The Upper Crust catering. I’ve been meaning to try them for quite a while now, ever since I subscribed to their mailing list after learning about them from my friend Kaho of Chuzai Living

She told me about this catering company because I told her how much I missed Tex-Mex and there are barely any good Mexican/Tex-Mex places here. So last night I emailed her my order for delivery at 11:30 am today. So this arrived ahead of time at 11 am today….

I’m hoping this will tide the 3 of us through for at least 2 days. I haven’t had Mexican in quite a while so I was totally excited. There were enchiladas, burritos, chili soup, cheese and nacho soup, etc. The portions for one I felt were actually good for 2. Wonderful!

Some were freezer/refrigerator ready just like I requested them to be. According to Mary Ann Wiley, the caterer, they keep up to 3 months in the freezer. 

I also ordered Pecan Pie for dessert and got mini-cupcakes for free (for orders above IDR 200,000).

I enjoyed my lunch and I’m so happy that I now have another option for days when our DiploKitchen is closed.

I hope to try their American Chinese menu, comfort food and other pies. They also have party platters and rental services. For a full list of their extensive menu and services click here.


  • Subscribe to her newsletter by emailing her at mary.a.wiley@gmail.com. I also like going through the classified adds at the end because there are many interesting things for sale from leaving expats or for those who would like to recommend their household staff to other expats.
  • For lunch ordera you must email you order in by 8am of the same day at the latest
  • For dinner orders you must email your order by 12 noon of the same day at the latest
  • Free delivery to Pondok Indah area and IDR 20,000 delivery charge anywhere else

    Lovely comments

    1. Leon says

      Wow, amazing prices. If you order a sateh around the corner it would cost you 25000 rupiah (similar to delivery cost). Not to mention you would help people who really need it. Guess the ex-pat arrangement pays for this?

      • says

        Hahaha! Of course if you are craving for sate, I don’t recommend The Upper Crust catering to you. We’ve been craving for tex-mex and usually I cook it, but it was nice to have an option of ordering when I was sick. Will the corner sate make tex-mex for me? (Uh-oh…Please don’t judge me for my tex-mex cravings!) I agree with you that the sate around the corner is always the cheapest and best sate.

        I am sure the new Indonesian owner and Indonesian employees appreciate my sharing my wonderful experience with their food and service. There is no need to diss their wonderful company. I respect whatever you earn and whatever you eat. Perhaps you can create your own blog to share your own experiences to help out and promote these small businesses that you are talkin about? Drop me a line to give me the link to your blog (when you put your money where you mouth is).

        I am sorry Leon but I wont be approving any more of your judgmental comments in the future. Constructive and helpful comments that are actionable will be approved. (i.e. if you would like to share the names and locations of your favorite sate warungs so that I and my blog readers can actually check it out).

    2. Santos says

      Have you tried Hacienda Mexican Bar and Grill at Arcadia Plaza Senayan? It’s very authentic. The chef is from Mexico


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