MEDAN BITES: Jade Restaurant Dimsum

When we arrived in Marriott Medan, I was immediately intrigued by Jade Restaurant, the hotel’s Chinese Restaurant because of it’s impressive intricate exterior. I took a peek inside and fell in love with the even more impressive lighting fixture. Then when I saw the sign for eat-all-you-can dimsum lunch promo (except for weekends & holidays), I knew it was a sign. I had to try it out! Pictures after the jump!

This impressive chandelier lined the length of the main room ceiling…

I was planning to go to the eat-all-you -can dimsum with TD if he had a free lunch hour, but I ended up having to run to Jade because I needed to eat early prior to a 5 hour spa package.

My plan for the day was to just have a relaxed morning withou breakfast, then have a heavy brunch via room service. I ordered a pizza 2 hours before my spa appointment at 130pm to give the kitchen enough time (they need maximum of 45 mins). The margherita pizza was fast… unfortunately, too fast because it was undercooked (click here to view a picture of the pizza, and here  for the close up.) so instead of having them change it (for fear of them doing the same undercooked pizza) I just returned the pizza and dashed over to Jade. I was sure that dimsums would be fast to order (too bad it was a holiday so no promo, besides it’s not fun to do eat-all-you-can without company).

I also liked their fine bone china… the teacup and  sauce bowls were different! The sauce bowl fit snuggly on top of the plate, so there is less likelihood of spilling your sauce on the table. I love smart design! I dare say “ergonomic” too! (less distance between the plate & the bowl = more efficient! lol!)

I loved the shrimp hakaw and the fried prawn dumplings! Though the xoao long bao is no match for Crystal Jade’s. (Yes I know Din Tai Fung is supposedly “the best” but here in halal Indonesia (no pork) the Crystal Jade Xiao Long Bao reigns supreme in the chicken xiao long bao category. That’s my personal opinion.

SIDENOTE: Before any hardcore Din Tai Fung fans have a violent reaction =P Let it be noted that I even went to 2 different Din Tai Fung branches just to confirm my verdict, giving them the benefit of the doubt… maybe the chef in the other branch was not as good. But they were exactly the same lack of eye-rolling deliciousness that I expect from a resto that New York Times deemed as one of the Top 10 restaurants in the world in 1993. Maybe in HK, Singpore and other parts of the world but not here. It’s hard to make steamed chicken as tasty as pork, and when it comes to halal food it’s a different ball game. 

I actually wanted to try their fried sesame balls with peanut paste filling, but I was  so full after the 3 dimsum (TD was busy working so I couldn’t order a lot). But the Jade restaurant manager, Sharon Lee…

…was awesome enough to offer to send me some to taste during me break at the spa (according to her I would have a few mins break for tea during my 5 hour spa package, which is a story for another post!). I can’t tell you enough how much Sharon, helped make my trip enjoyable. But you will find out in the next few post. Apparently I am not the only one who finds her and Jade restaurant awesome because it soon started to fill up with Chinese families who Sharon individually greeted by name. That’s when you know it’s a good Chinese resto because the customers are actually chinese.

When I got back to my room after the spa package, I was delighted to find a lovely fruit basket in the room.

There was no note, but I think Sharon might have something to do with it. What a lovely lady! And what great customer service… Now that’s how to handle a customer complaint! =D


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      Have you tried the dimsum in Duck King? It’s awesome! Oh and so are the ones in Crystal Jade! (The one in the basement of Grand Indonesia – they have different menu for each branch)


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