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On my recent trip to Bali, I also finally bought something from the Shell Museum. I always pass by it on every trip to Bali but never bought anything yet. What holds me back? The capiz products I get from Tesoros and Kultura (SM Makat) in the Philippines are cheaper and sturdier in quality, but since I wont be going back to the Philippines till November this will have to do. Whenever I buy capiz in the Philippines, I must pack it well and also pay for excess luggage weight. So I bit the bullet and bought a few heavy pieces (in the hopes that it will last longer). Pictures after the jump!

The great thing about Shell Museum is that they packed my things very well, which also means that 3 pieces + 2 packs of shell I bought become very heavy with lotsa newspaper and a well padded box. We bought and extra 10 Kg from Air Asia for Rp 60,000 or 6 USD just to be sure.

You’ll be surprised at how small the items were inside! It totally worked though, none of the items broke, except maybe for a few of the thinner shells which I expected.

Pack of shells  (Medium) 38,000 Sold by weight. They had a bigger basket of shells which was quite heavy, but it was more than Rp 250,000 or 25 USD est.

I bought these Capiz balls at Tesoros in NAIA 3 International Airport (Manila Philippines) and I finally found the perfect bowl for them. The balls are solid and have no probs with chipping at all unlike the bowl. But the bowl is  nice isn’t it? =) Capiz bowl with coconut shell bottom (Rp 170,000 or 17 USD est.)

I’ve been looking for a napkin holder but it’s surprisingly hard to find a classy one here. Most of the ones I’ve found in ACE have a country feel. Then I saw this small capiz tray. I realized that if I had the right sized shell, it will be great for holding paper napkins for a party. What do you think?Capiz Tray square 23 x 23 x 4 cm (Rp 398,000 or 40 USD est.)

This vase is going to go into my guest bathroom when we host a dinner. I wanna place rolled up towels for drying hands. I prefer using a deeper container instead of a tray so it holds more with less space. I am still redoing the look of my guest bathroom. Will post pics once it’s done!
Capiz square vase 20.5 x 20.5 13.5 cm (Rp 368,000 or 38 USD est.)

Next time, I wanna share with you where you can get Capiz items in Jakarta. I met this lady at the INACRAFT fair 2011 and I got lots of items for a total of IDR 200,000! Very cheap. Though not as thick as the ones I bought from the Bali Shell Museum.



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    Wow, you did well!! I was in Bali for 5 days as well. Probably for the same reason as you. :) I didn’t do any shopping since I felt shopped out in the States and Japan after our home leave during summer. I think it’s a very smart and creative idea to have a tray with a shell for your napkin holder. I think that’s very you!!

    • says

      My gosh we were in Bali at the same time and didn’t see each other?!? Too bad!! If I had known you were there we could have met up! I totally understand what you mean by feeling shopped out after going home! There are so many things that we miss or have a hard time finding at post that we totally stock up! During my entire week and a half in Bali I just hired a driver for one day and visited 3 stores: Jenggala, Shell Museum and Quick Silver for some new Roxy suits! Traveling alone is expensive so I just wanted to get stuff that I’ve wanted for a long time. Jenggala in Kemang is more expensive than in Bali and they have less stock. But if you do wanna visit, Aug 15 is when they will have new stock! Wanna go together? =)

  2. sakthi says

    hi dw
    Could you let me know the lady who sells capizat jakarta. cos i got only one week left i m flying to pay a speed visit to all the lovely places u have mentioned in your blog and i have also bought a lot of kids clothes and home and deco items.

    You have made my shopping simpler.

    Thank You

    • says

      Hi Sakthi, sorry for the late reply. I’ve been very tired since getting back from Manila and still recovering from the 2 week renovating marathon trip.

      You can check Pasaraya’s 5th floor (if I’m not mistaken that’s where all the local crafts are) or go to Alun Alun in Grand Indonesia. i cannot seem to find the calling card of this supplier I found during the INACRAFT Fair last year.

      If ever you go to the Philippines be sure to visit SM Kultura to get gorgeous capiz lamps which you can request them to box for you, ready to check in! SM is a famous department store/mall in the Philippines, famous for great quality and cheapest prices.

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      Hey Budget blonde! With tons of brown paper wrapping, they arrived in great condition. The stores in Bali are used to packaging stuff for export. =)

      Thanks for dropping me a line.


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