The best thing about our trip to Medan was the hotel. Most people were surprised to hear that I was going to Medan, and even more surprised to find out that I really enjoyed it. It was mostly pork-tourism for us (happy tummies = happy DiploWife and TD!) and enjoying the hotel. Whenever I go with TD on his business trips, I just look forward to some R&R since staying home is usually very busy for me (So many projects constantly piling up on me). I loved my stay at JW Marriott and you’ll see why when you see the design of the room – simple lines with functional in mind. There was so much closet space! The closet was massive with different kinds of hangers – even the silky cloth ones for delicates and pants hangers had anti-slip rubber in them. I just love little touches like this! There were many drawers and shelves that are hidden within the media wall too.

Below is the media wall, working desk and comfy seating.

 The mini bar with french press, Dilmah Tea (my favorite!) and Sanka decaffeinated coffee (does anyone know where I can get this in Jakarta? Love it.)

The working desk was awesome! They even provide different kinds of connectors so you can connect your laptop to the TV (except for Macs – booo!). Wired internet only, no wifi.

Who doesn’t love high thread count sheets and luxurious beddings? JW Marriott is the most luxurious of the Marriott hotels.

The bathroom was immaculate. You will be surprised that not all hotels we’ve stayed in are cleaned well (i.e. the Santosa in Lombok was ewww). Below is the 1. blowdryer, 2. Universal socket, 3. extra fluffy towel and weighing scale, 4. bathroom counter, 5. soap, 6. magnifying mirror, 7. toiletries and 8. neat tissue holder/toiletry container.

Twas a pity I didn’t get to use the tub.

The little touches make all the difference.

First morning I made sure to take a picture of the view from the floor to ceiling window. It’s really more of a industrial town, but it was delightful to have so much sun in the room!

This is me giving Photoshop’s photomerge a try. It’s not perfect so I need more practice! Click to enlarge.

I think what really made my stay enjoyable in Medan was JW Marriott, the facilities (spa and pool), the staff (genuinely nice and helpful especially Sharon and the GM Sunjeet) and the room which had everything I needed (and wanted like luxurious bedding) and was extremely clean (you would be surprised that this is not the case every time in some hotels). I highly recommend it if you are going to Medan.

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    This hotel is unreal!! Absolutely gorgeous!! You did a great job on taking photos. The work desk is just like your home with the cords hiding! I have never been to Medan, but I would love to visit if I have a chance. It’s so close to KL in Malaysia. Did you see many similarities? :) It is wonderful that you are traveling with TD so much!!

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      Surprisingly no… because KL is so cosmopolitan and well there isn’t much to see except temple/church/mosque in medan. This trip was really more R&R for me during the day (thank God for the nice hotel) and then dinners with TD and his colleagues or what we like to call pork tourism. We tried different restos and even warungs! It was a lot of fun if you have no expectations =) I was just happy to be with TD and not be away from him for an entire week. =)

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