DIPLO DIY: Birthday Calendar Free Printable

If you guys follow me on PINTEREST you might have seen my BIRTHDAY BOOK pin (see screenshot below). And if you are my friend, you know I am the worst at birthdays. My aunt used to remind me when it was my grandma or dad’s birthday. (YES I’m that horrible!). Good thing TD and I are the same so (match made in forgetting-birthdays-heaven). 

But because of this, I am perpetually feeling guilty of missing peoples birthdays! I’m trying to be better now that I have 2 godsons (heaven help them) and I give advance birthday gifts for the year whenever I visit because I know I’ll be abroad during their birthdays. But it’s not enough. So as part of my Happiness Project I am making a birthday book. The project I pinned below on my Pinterest is not as simple as I want it to be.

So I scoured the net to find a simple but beautiful free birthday calendar printable. Something also that reflects my personality. There are loads of free printables but this is The One for me! It is the Birthday Calendar {Free Printable} from The Pretty Blog.

the pretty blog free printable perpetual birthday calendar

the pretty blog free printable perpetual birthday calendar

Images via The Pretty Blog (except for my PINTEREST screen shot of course!)

 Click here to see the tutorial and download the The Pretty Blog Birthday Calendar {Free Printable}.

What do you think of this idea? What works for you for remembering birthdays? Do you know of other pretty birthday calendar printables – please share! Can’t wait to hear your comments!

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      Hahaha I was relying on my iCal too but gulong-gulo na ako, because the iCal on my iMac, is not an exact duplicate of the one on my Macbook, iPhone, iPad and Blackberry. Stress! And my BB is the one I carry around most of the time so alarms on all the other gadgets are mostly ignored. I had to go back to paper hehe.

      Yes I can’t wait for you to get on Pinterest. I always think of you and (eye)candy when I am on it. Do not worry it’s not a hassle to maintain at all. But just a cheaper and more convenient alternative to scrapbooking that doesn’t take up space. =)


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