MEDAN TO DO: Lounging by the JW Marriott pool

The Fitness Center of JW Marriott has a lap infinity pool, kiddie pool, gym, table tennis, lockers, indoor whirlpool, sauna, steam room, showers and spa. Just wanna share with you the lovely pics I took one afternoon lounging by the pool. I got up quite late already, almost 5 pm so it was too cold for me to swim. But I had a great time reading a book on a lounge chair!

My only complaint was that the adult pool was filled up with noisy kids after a while, but I guess this is to be expected because the JW Marriott Fitness Center is not just for hotel guests but also open to paying members. I managed to tune it out and just enjoy the breeze and peaceful shades of blue surrounding me.

 View of the city below.

As dusk settled…

…I went back in to gather my stuff in the locker room.

This for me is the best part of the Fitness Center – the locker design! I loved the clever design of the lockers. It’s not the usual rectangle and one side (either left or right of each locker) is taller than the other with a bar to hang your clothes. Also you get 2 keys, on for your locker on top and then a matching shoe locker on the bottom (which also doubles as a bench for you to sit on when putting on your shoes). Now that’s what I call smart design! I think OC mom would approve! No stinky dirty shoes mixed in with your clothes and bag!


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    Wow, that looks like a very nice pool! I like the design of the locker, too!! How smart is that! I can see how you liked the idea knowing how good you are with designing furniture. It feels like you have traveled a lot in the recent past, by the way. That’s good for you!!

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