DIPLO DIY: Wine Glass Cozies

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post (my first post in almost 2 weeks!) I kept busy while I was sick in bed and couldn’t access my blog, by crocheting. I know it’s so lola (grandma) but I have an entire box of thread left over from maybe a decade ago (If I recall correctly, it is from my friendship bracelet and hair wrapping phase in college). Yes it’s still alive and in good quality since I am a master pack rat – LOL!

I thought of making wine glass cozies because I find myself following people around with coasters when we host dinners. Also I wanted it to do double duty as “wine tags” so people remember which one is theirs. This will reduce the likelihood of having to get another glass and reduce glasses for washing. Aside from lessening wine stains on furniture, this will also help with our resources and energy! Win-win!

So even though crocheting is not my look (it’s so country compared to the modern Filipiniana look I am going for) but this time I decided to be practical. Coasters + Wine tags in one wine cozy! I just had to make them in different colors/color combinations that are in the neutral palette that I am usually drawn to. I picked beige, tan and white. Below is a sample of the full beige one I did. Some I had a different color for the bottom and for the top, instead of a solid color for the entire thing. Please bear with me, it’s my first time to crochet in in almost a decade and I was never an expert in it anyway.

I made a set of 6 for our Schott Zwiesel Red Wine Glasses. I need to make more as I have 12 more red wine glasses. But this will do for now.


  • I used this how-to guide to start the coaster
  • Since the yarn I’m using is finer, I had to improvise and do more layers to have a coaster that’s just a little bit wider than the wine glass base
  • Then I did a slip stitch all around to reinforce the circle, before I did a double stitch around that skipped stitches so that the opening grew smaller and smaller.
  • Remember to have your wine glass on hand so that you can check the fit every few layers.
  • Also make sure that the glass lays flat or you risk your glass being broken!
  • I also reinforce the last row with a slayer of slip stitch
  • Then this is how I finished my crochet so it doesn’t unravel and you don’t see the extra thread.
  • The finished products…
diy crochet wine glass coasters
I’m sorry I’m not skilled enough in crocheting (I only learned the basic stuff from elementary and highschool home economics classes, then I refreshed my memory with the useful links below. Click on the pictures to view the link.

Found on Pinterest via Through the Loops

Introduction to Crochet found on Pinterest via Tip Junkie

This last one, entitled How to crochet a Wine glass sock doesn’t have a picture. Sorry!

If crochet is not your thing, click here for a simple tutorial on how to sew a wine glass cozy. To see samples of other wine glass cozies, click here, here and here. It’s not the way I would do it, but just posting links so that you can see that there are so many different creative ideas out there. It really just depends on your preference!

What did you think of my project? Do you have any other ideas?

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  1. says

    I’m very impressed!! I’m not a crochet person, but made me want to try. I’m not patient enough though… How cool is it that you made your own coasters! You can brag about them, too.

  2. Poker Goddess says

    Omg! Not an expert you say… They’re lovely! Keep it up! I never learned how to do it in school unfortunately.


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