DIPLO DIY: Drying out flooded items

This is the continuation of yesterday’s post entitled First attempt at plumbing FAIL!!! and what I did with the items that got soaked. The trickiest one of which was the leather boxes from Friven which were storage and table space. 

 Most of the items were easy to wipe off and then lay out on absorbent towels/matting.

My main problem was the leather boxes doubled as tables and storage. I was sure that the glue would be come undone and that if I didn’t get it try it would get moldy (a consistent problem in places like Indonesia and the Philippines due to the high humidity all year round)  I had some dehumidifier packets so I placed 3 underneath each box. It was all I had and the next day they were all transformed to gel already, which means they already absorbed the maximum they could.

The smaller packets of dehumidifier (which you can hang in your closet too!)


noun /ˌdē(h)yo͞oˈmidəˌfīər/
dehumidifiers, plural

A device that removes excess moisture from the air


When I went to ACE I found refills for the bigger dehumidifier and realized it’s so much cheaper to get a refill. So here is where the DIY came in.

  • I placed newspapers on top of the towels
  • Poured dehumidifier and spread it around evenly
  • Placed another double layer of newspaper on top, then placed the box on top
(L) Dehumidifier refill & (R) sandwiching it between newspaper to dry out the box bottom


Left the box on for a day or overnight with a small packet inside as well

Next day it would look like this. Repeat until the refills don’t turn to gel anymore


I’m not yet done with this process, but I surmise after this, I will try to glue it back together with my Scotch spray glue. I hope it works! Anyone else have suggestions for me? =) I would love to hear it!

Surprisingly I’ve talked about dehumidifiers with quite a few people…

  • A friend who lives near one of the many open canal here in Jakarta has problems with her closets getting moldy
  • A friend in the Philippines who hangs here bags on a bag tree got molds on her bags (click here to see my bag storage recommendation for her)
  • With another Jakartan who uses air-fresheners in her closet, but still has a problem with smell
So I’d like to share it with you guys too, in case you might find it helpful. You see I used to buy imported dessicants/silica gel packets, but for a can it is about Rp 130,000 in ACE.  I found it expensive so good thing I found this! It’s only about Rp 10,000 each. (I can’t recall the exact amount, but that’s about USD 1)

1) Bagus brand dehumidifier 2) sealed with a foil cover 3) bead on top and hollow in the bottom 4) When you are ready to use it, just pop the cover open and peel the foil cover off. DO NOT remove the white paper/cloth-like cover so that the beads inside do not spill and to avoid accidental ingestion by pets/dogs 5) Once you’ve placed one in each closet, under the sink, in your kitchen, etc., check regularly to see if if the liquid inside has reached the maximum point (arrow). Replace with a new one. (Click here to see how a used one looks like)

I always keep an extra set under the guest bathroom sink. This is what it looks like (with one open dehumidifier))


I wasn’t able to fully dry out the box bottoms, so I ended up removing the bottom velvet panel and cardboard and just replacing it with a new one. I think my mistake was I should have turned the box upside down, then placing the layer of paper-dehumidifier-paper sandwhich on top, so as to give it more room to breath.


I hope you find it useful. Let me leave you with some clever uses for Silica Gel…

  • Use in underwater camera casings
  • Toss them in your toolbox to keep your tools free of oxidation
  • Dry out a wet cell phone
  • Extend the life of razor blades
  • Fight camera condensation
  • Create a dry travel bag

Read more: 8 Clever Uses for Silica Gel – Popular Mechanics

Lovely comments

  1. says

    I’m getting these dehumidifiers for our new place! Our closets (in our previous place) got all moldy and we didn’t realize the paint at the back of the closet was bleeding onto our clothes! Now I don’t know how to take out the paint stains from by bags and clothes :(

    • says

      Oh no! So sad to hear about your bags and clothes! =( These sneaky sneaky molds are really awful! The bane of our tropical existence! Ugh.

      I saw lotsa them in True Value in Manila. Make sure to get the massive ones so you don’t have to change often! I place 1 per closet/cabinet, but depends on how big they are. Good luck on your fight against molds!

  2. says

    I hate the smell on my fabric from the closet and these boxes melt away so fast and a lot of water. I am planning to buy a dehumidifier machine for my walkin closet and use these small hippo brand dehumidifiers to my shoe racks and for all the cupboards.
    Hippo brand dehumidifier pack of 8 boxes is on sale for 14 SGD. The cheaper version could be found out cheapest store int he town with the symbol and poster saying moving out sale but that shop is still there for the last 6 years i know. It is very cheap put there.

    • says

      Hey Padmajas, I know what you mean about the horrible smell. Chuzai Living actually has 2 dehumidifier machines. Good for you for finding a cheap brand. I am shocked at the prices of silica packets here in Jakarta. It’s 20 USD for a can. Crazy right? Is this Hippo brand available in Jakarta or only in SG?

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