JAKARTA FINDS: Mayestic Traditional Pasar

If you are into crafting or DIY, Mayestic Traditional Pasar or traditional market is for you.  I’ve been there twice in the past 2 weeks. One was with Kaho of Chuzai Living and 2 other friends and then today I dropped by quickly with my driver. We planned it ages ago but summer vacation and all the travel got in the way. Just wanted to share with you my finds – it might inspire you to visit!

Normally my first stop is Toko Machiko for ribbons, buttons, cheap cloth, etc. It’s cheaper than the bigger more complete store beside it called Toko Maju. I buy what I can in Machiko where it’s cheaper and whatever I can’t find I head to Maju for.


By the roll from Toko  Machiko. Left (Coffee – Rp 10,000)  Right (white gauzy 14k, red 8k, brown 8k & gold 10k). Toko Maju has the cutest ribbons but most of them are sold by the meter. Mahal!

cheap ribbons by the roll from Mayestic market

Buttons (Kancing)

Left (Mother of Pearl buttons Rp 5000 for 6pcs) and top right (Rp 3,500 for 5pcs). Both from Toko Maju. Bottom right Rp 4,000 per dozen for small buttons (kancing kecil) from Toko Machiko

 fusible interface

Found at Toko Machiko for Rp 25,000 per meter. Not cheap.

Knitting needles (Jarum Baryon)  Rp 45,000 and yarn (benang) Rp 12,500

Both from Toko Maju. I wonder if I got the correct size. They didn’t have knitting needles thicker than this. I wanted a larger size. Anyone know where I can get it?

Copper and aluminum Wire (kaway)

Great for making accessories from Toko Maju. All 3 colors of different sizes for 11,000 total.

Singer needle (jarum Singer)

Many sizes available in Toko Maju for thicker fabrics Rp 8,000


Twill tape (Pita or Dita?)

From Toko Maju. Rp 3,000 per meter for 3/4 inch or 1 inch width.medline-twill-tape__62496

image credit twill tape


From Toko Maju for patching up the only stuffed toy I kept from the past, my favorite penguin Blubber. I didn’t know which color was best, so I got 2 small squares at Rp 2,000 each. You can get per meter at 20,000.

 Check out Blubber all patched up! He looks happy doesn’t he?

Canvas cloth

I finally found off-white canvas cloth (to make into liners for these two beautiful baskets from Cayenne which I plan to use for us to self-sort dark and light-colored laundry in our bathroom to lessen the work load of our help) from Toko Ikobana Textile. Sorry I didn’t write down the address but you can ask around. There are 2 Toko Ikobanas, so you will have to look for the textile one.  It was 15,000/meter and I got 7 meters, because I have many other baskets I’ve wanted to create liners for and always like to have extra canvas cloth for other random sewing projects I might think of.

I need to buy super thick twill tape to replace the trap of my Roxy bag, or perhaps a chain that matches the pewter color of it’s existing hardware. Next time I come  back to Toko Maju I must bring the bag/s I need new straps for to be sure I’m buying the right thing.

When you visit Toko Maju, be sure to go through the entire length + the 2nd floor. You will be amazed at the collection of buttons, ribbons and other crafting supplies. You can even find materials for making your own bags like bag-handles, belt buckles, all colors of velcro, etc. etc.  It’s not cheap, but if I can’t find it in another store, I can probably find it here.

 Another place worth mentioning is Nick’s which is well-known with our group of friends for their amazing sofa covers (they can pick your sofa up from your house) which fit perfectly and their beddings. They have fabrics from Friven, King Koil, etc. I recommend them if you are looking for those 2 things. I haven’t tried their curtains. But I also had my throw pillow covers made by them. I had to bring it back a few times for them to fix the button holes and the opening, so maybe they are used to the more traditional old fashion designs for throw pillows, whereas I wanted simple throw pillows using buttons instead of zippers (which might be the reason they weren’t doing it so well. Nick’s has 2 stores in Mayestic, be sure to drop by both and talk to Ibu Ning,who speaks a little english.

Mayestic Shopping Tips

  • When exploring Mayestic it’s more fun to  go with friends. I was glad to go with Kaho and the girls. But once you have your regular stores, it’s easy enough to go alone.
  • Make sure to wear SPF on your face and body (it’s hot)
  • Don’t wear expensive things.
  • Many of the stores open at 10am so I don’t recommend arriving earlier.
  • Also they don’t give discount per item, but sometimes you can get like 10,000 (USD 1) or 5,000 off your total price. Which is not much, but you should always try.
  • I don’t recommend going if it’s raining because it’s gonna be very muddy.
  • Bring asthma and allergy meds because you might need it with the heat/dust/market smells
  • Bring your own water so you can take sips as you go around. It’s hot and you can get dehydrated.
  • I also bring alcohol/handsanitizer to disinfect in between all the merchandise/money touching


Same store as the New Melawai Tailor
Jl.  Tebah V No. 3 Mayestik, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
(021) 720 4429


Right beside Toko Machiko on Jl.  Tebah V No. 3 Mayestik
Or beside Nick’s upholstery (because it goes through to the other street behind)
(021) 721 0033 • 727 95161


Beside Toko Maju
021 – 7255341 / 723 1787 • 0816 – 945509
Jl. Tebah VI No. 77, Pasar Majestic, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia
Look for the owner who speaks a little English: Ibu Nining

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    • says

      Hi Starlet! Yes they do! But I only found it by chance! I don’t know how to say fusible interfacing in Bahasa so I guess I must make sure to leave a swatch so I can look for it again right? =)

  1. says

    Blubber is so cute with a felt patched up on the bottom!!! You did a good job! You went back and got a lot more stuff! Thanks for sharing the information on where to go because it is a bit overwhelming to get there without knowing where to shop. You’re one very resourceful woman and glad you have a blog! Many people can take advantage of your info.!

    • says

      Aw thanks Kaho! That means a lot to me coming from someone who is as resourceful and creative as you! Do let me kow if you wanna go back – I would love to come with! =D

    • says

      Hi Kelly! I am glad that you found this post helpful! Thanks for dropping me a line.. I hope you are having an easy time adjusting to Jakarta! Lemme know if you need any other info. =)

    • says

      The sofa cover I had made was quite expensive because I opted to use an expensive water repellent textile which cost 100,000 rupiah/meter. The advantage with this textile is that it is machine washable so I don’t need to spend on dry cleaning. It cost me around 2Million plus. It was worth it though because the quality of their work is amazing.

      Yes they make bedsheets and bedskirts too.

  2. Rochelle says

    Hi! Great info. Where do you go to the 2nd floor in Toko Maju? I tried going up a set of stairs there but they seemed to indicate it was for staff only. What’s up there? Will have to check out Toko Machiko next time I’m over that way.

    • says

      Dear Rochelle, I think I know which stairs you mean. I also mistakenly tried to go up the wrong one before. You will have to ask for their help on locating the correct stairs. Maybe something like “tolong, di mana bisa naik atas?” (I’m not sure if I am saying it right but they should understand what you mean). There is so much more materials upstairs. I can’t remember the exact details, but I do remember the feeling of wonder that I experienced seeing the rows and rows of material. Enjoy!

  3. gal says

    Thanks for the info. I never know The Machiko shop bfore when I go to Mayestik. Maybe because I directly go to Toko Maju and other shop that sell almost the same (but less than Toko Maju) I forgot the name. Maybe next time I’ll go there.


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