BALI BITES: Potato Head Sunset Drinks

Potato Head Beach Club Seminyak Bali

In the past Ku De Ta has been known to be the go-to bar for sunset cocktails in Seminyak. But that may be changing with Potato Head in town. This 3 restaurant mega complex with a pool (free towel service!) and shop has everything you need for a luxe resort lifestyle!

Twinkle and Happy in Grand Indonesia


Last weekend I had guests from Manila, designer Twinkle Ferraren and her sister Happy. They totally deserved those sparkly happy names since my day with them was literally a laugh trip. I haven’t laughed so much in an entire day in I don’t know how long! Gosh. I wish we took more photos, but then [read more]

UBUD HOTEL: Villa Bambu at Gaya Villas

Gaya Fusion Villas - Villa Bambu-3

For our trip to Ubud I asked a few friends for recommendations on where to stay and we ended up with the recommendation of Travels with a Gourmet: Gaya Fusion villas.  We arrived one late evening to stay at Villa Bambu. It literally took my breath away. Photos after the jump!

BALI BITES: The Bar at Bulgari Hotel

Bulgari Hotel Bar Bali-14

I’ve been following Travels with a Gourmet for quite some time now. Reading about her culinary adventures in her current home: Bali. So at one of our trips to Bali, we finally got a chance to meet up for tea at The Bar  in the fabulous Bulgari Hotel in Bali. I arrived at the hotel’s [read more]

BALI BITES: Matsuri Japanese Restaurant

Matsuri Japanese Restaurant Bali Collection-4

If you are living in the Nusa Dua area and would like yummy food, check out Matsuri Japanese Restaurant. So far I’ve been disappointed with the Bali Collection establishments, like The Poan and Uno Italian Resto (only the quattro formaggi pizza was good) and nearby Musashi Japanese Resto (only the Gindara Teriyaki was yummy). Matsuri is [read more]

BALI BITES: Musashi Japanese

Musashi Japanese Restaurant Nusa Dua Bali-30

I’ve already mentioned the shortage of good restaurants in Nusa Dua. I found that there was a Japanese Restaurant called Musashi in the area and since it was after TD’s meeting and it was quite late already we were too hungry to go any further. Musashi is literally 2 minutes by car from Marriott Courtyard. [read more]

BALI BITES: Mang Engking

Gubug Mang Enking Restaurant Bali-8

Gubug Mang Enking is something that I enjoyed trying in Bali. The set-up is down-to-earth, using native materials in creative ways. Nothing fabulous, but simply cooked seafood and it’s best-selling tender beef ribs. What makes it different are the huts on top of the water. It reminds me of ISDAAN Restaurant in Tarlac – on [read more]

Neverending Vanilla Extract Update

Neverending Vanilla Extract update

Just wanna give you a quick update on my Neverending Vanilla Extract. It’s been two weeks and the color has been looking great. It’s getting darker and darker! I hope it tastes as good as expect it to be in 4 to 6 more weeks! Photo after the jump.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse Cups


I promised several people I would post this recipe on my blog so here it is. The concept was adapted from Sweet Tooth’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse Cup recipe, however the recipe for the peanut butter mousse was adapted from Better Homes and Gardens, while the chocolate cup shell was from researching how to substitute real [read more]