Serenitea Milk Tea Madness

Serenitea Milk Tea1

I’ve been hearing the current craze in Manila are milk teas. It reminds me of the Quickly Taro trend in college! Manila is so over the frozen yogurt  (“SO 3 years ago!” according to tea lover Cory) so I just had to check it out after our dinner at Cafe Juanita nearby.

Wine and Cheese Night

Wine and Cheese Night-3

Last Friday we were invited to several fabulous parties, like the Johnnie Walker Jet Black Lounge, Cocktails and Cupcakes Fashion Show at Desa Kemang, a Jack Daniels Night at the JW Marriott Hotel and the Wine and Cheese Birthday Open-house of our friend C. Though we wanted to attend all, it was logistically impossible to [read more]

By Invitation Only Jet Black Party

johnnie walker jet black lounge party-4

Last Friday JOHNNIE WALKER®, the award-winning world’s number one Scotch whisky, hosted the most sophisticated & exclusive party in Indonesia, THE JET BLACK LOUNGE PARTY… Step inside the Circuit. This party is by invitation only. You cannot pay your way to get in – you must be on the guest list. Basically, the JOHNNIE WALKER® Jet Black Lounge is attended [read more]

Beauty Secret Winner

And the winner is1

Before I announce the winner of our Aquasana Beauty Secret Giveaway, I’d like to tell everyone that OC Mom‘s generosity is not yet over! For those of you who didn’t win, you can still get a discount for your Aquasana filter purchase. How to get the discount and Beauty Secret Giveaway winner after the jump!

Keep it Neat with a Medicine Organizers

Packing cubes2

Nothing is more essential to me than packing my vitamins and medicines for a trip! I want to be healthy enough to enjoy my vacations or maximize trips. Despite how fabulous travel is made out to be, there is no doubt that it can be very stressful for our bodies and quite tiring as well. [read more]

ECHOstore Manila Brass Bangles

Brass bangles Talaandig Tribe Bukidnon1

After having lunch with OC Mom in Manila and (eye)candy at Chelsea in Serendra, I went with OC Mom to EchoStore where she was hoping to get refills for her Messy Bessy cleaners. I love that we have stores like this in Manila now!

Manic Manila

Manila schedule

I just came from Manila and the words “manic” and “marathon” come to mind when I think about my schedule there! It was a 10 day trip. Usually I lose the first and the last day, because the first day I arrive at 5:30 in the morning, I need to recover and sleep, while the [read more]

Beauty Secret Giveaway

Shower filter

After hearing all about what an amazing beauty secret the Aquasana Shower Filter is, I’m sure all of you are excited to try it out! Thank you so much to OC Mom in Manila for generously sponsoring this contest! One lucky reader will have an Aquasana Shower Filter worth PHP 3,850.00 for FREE! Mechanics after the jump.

BALI BITES: Chocolate Cafe

Chocolate Bar Bali-5

Our friends tried this dessert bar before us and it’s been something we’ve taken guests to ever since. It’s nice to go as a group and try the different yummy desserts. The warm and inviting ambiance makes me think “chocolate.”   Check out the photos after the jump. I wasn’t able to taste everything but [read more]

Why Aquasana Shower Filter is Good for Your Health


 Since I’ve moved to Jakarta one of my main complaints is the dirty tap water, it doesn’t help that we live in an old building and I get massive chunks of metal and stones in my faucet aerator. Eww. We found out that our friends live in houses or apartments that already have a centralized water-filtration [read more]

Using a Teabox to Serve Tea


You guys I finally found a teabox big enough for my tea stash ( slash addiction)! YAY! You would not believe where I found it! =P I was visiting my friend Kaho of Chuzai Living and we were invited to have lunch at an American-Vietnamese lady’s house and after a yummy meal of Fresh Vietnamese [read more]

BALI BITES: Gaya Gelato

Gaya Gelato Ubud Bali best-16

The highlight of our trip to Ubud and stay in Gaya Fusion was Gaya Gelato. This place has to have the best Gelato I’ve ever tasted. I’m not really and ice cream or gelato person, but this is exceptional. Artisinal gelato  made by italian couple Massimo and Colette who closed up their gelateria in Italy [read more]

Gaya Spa Massage

Gaya Spa Ubud-7

At first we thought Gaya Spa was your typical resort spa, but soon found out that it was basically an indoor-outdoor area where they have their massage. I am sure we have other neighbors across the ravine aside from Mr. Cow so I do not recommend this for the bashful. (It helps a little if [read more]