MANILA FINDS: ECHOstore Brass Bangles

After having lunch with OC Mom in Manila and (eye)candy at Chelsea in Serendra, I went with OC Mom to EchoStore where she was hoping to get refills for her Messy Bessy cleaners. I love that we have stores like this in Manila now!

Live a Sustainable Lifestyle

At ECHOstore, we embrace a holistic philosophy of harmony with one’s Self, the greater Community and the Environment.

Where we can get products that are natural and environmentally sustainable, from home cleaning products, decor, to beauty and fashion. I wanted to try everything out! Unfortunately since I’m on a tight budget I couldn’t. I’ll definitely be back in December. I did get something that I just couldn’t resist. Brass bangles made by the Talaandig Tribe in Bukidnon! A set of 3 bangles is PHP 350 or about IDR 73,000. I got a couple of sets and layered it.


It reminds me of my giniling bracelets that I got from jewelry designer Natalya Lagdameo, which are reproductions of bangles worn by a Philippine tribe called the Ifugaos. I got a set of 8 or 10 giniling brass bangles from Natalya for PHP 2,500 or 520,000 IDR (they are more expensive if you get them dipped in gold like this). I like wearing them because they are made in the Philippines and I love the story that comes with it. The tribeswomen who wear the giniling bracelets apparently don’t take them off and add to them as they go through life. How awesome is that?

Now I have another set of brass bangles from the Talaandig Tribe and I’d love to know the story behind them. (Gotta do some research!) Best thing about it is that they are affordable, super fashionable and will last a lifetime. =)

*TIP: According to Natalya Lagdameo, when brass jewelry darkens or turns green just clean with water – vinegar solution!

There are so many products at EchoStore, I would love to hear your favorite products that you would recommend for me to try! =)


  • I cannot remember the address of her showroom in Mandaluyong, but you can email her at

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    Love this store too! I usually buy the Messy Bessy products too, along with their house line of home cleaners. It’s also a good place to get Ilog Maria products without going to Tagaytay. They also carry our Mother Earth eco bags (big, roomy, and strong canvas!)…heehee, plugging! ;)

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      Hahaha s’cool! I love finding out from friends what products they like! It takes out the guess work! What Ilog Maria products do you like? I’ve never tried them but now that you mentioned it… I’m interested!

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      Thanks Chie! Aren’t they just fab?!? Make sure to call first… I think I wiped them out! =P hehe (okay I’m exaggerating… I think I left 1 or 2 sets of 3) But it doesn’t hurt to make sure that they have enough when you go… =)


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