When I am in Manila I already have go-to brands and stores. Jakarta is a very brand conscious city and it can be unnerving for someone like me, who never used to be into brands. Check em out after the jump!

  • Fino for fine leather goods
  • Dita Sandico Ong for amazing modern Filipiniana (that I can easily turn into a non-Filipiniana gown with a little imagination and a twist of her signature wraps)
  • Aranaz for beautiful formal bags with my favorite capiz embellishments and other local materials
  • Firma (Greenbelt) beautiful accessories sourced from all over the world. I especially love the brass accessories from Paris (I forgot the brand)
  • Cura V - statement pieces for you or your home from all over the world. Love the Filipino designed jewelry!
  • Tyler for uber fashionable day-to-night dresses that just work! From ladies’ lunch or a meet and greet with the President to a night out partying!
  • Kamiseta for comfy and cheap casual bottoms (shorts, skirts, capris, etc.)
After living away, I realized how amazing our local brands are  (especially the prices!) so when I go home I usually go for our brands. In the next few days I’ll be writing about the stores I went to this time. I didn’t go to all, because I wouldn’t have money for Christmas gifts if I did! =P Let me start with Kamiseta…
I love how the keep on changing the packaging – and it’s always super cute and girly. For bigger items they give you a canvas bag with a Kamiseta ribbon (not pictured) –  reusable and more environmentally conscious!
They aren’t just super affordable, but they fit me better too. The apparel that are made for Indonesians are made for skinnier booties. I definitely have a different  body type coz I can’t ever seem to fit my booty into their bottoms! Seriously, I can’t buy shorts, jeans, skirts! Whenever I need some, I just wait till I go home to buy some from Kamiseta. Which fit puuuurfectly! Since my shorts were worn already,  I scored 2 myrtyle skirts and 2 presilla capri pants on this trip!
I like to buy 2-3 pieces if I like a piece so that I don’t need to think when I am getting dressed. I think of them as uniform. So what if I look the same everyday? The important thing is I look good in them! =P

* FYI: They do have Kamiseta available in Indonesia, but the selection is limited and I’m sure it’s cheaper in Manila.

Don’t you just love Katie Holmes as the current Kamiseta endorser?!? She looks so young and cute!

Kamiseta is one of the first Philippine brands who dared to use international endorsers. I salute Kamiseta for seeing their brand not just as a local player but a brand that can play in the international market. There was a lot of talk before about why a local brand is using non-Filipino endorsers. I think that Kamiseta is a visionary, doing so opened it up to wider customer base than the Philippines.  Check out their past endorsers below. (Too bad I couldn’t find better quality pictures online!)

Alicia Silverstone via

Natalie Portman via

Kate Hudson viaNatalia Vodianova via

Petra Namcova via




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