Missing pinoy food!

Pinoy breakfast tuyo salted egg tomatoes

My MIL is so sweet! When I arrived in Manila, I was also house-sitting for them. I guess she took our pork- (and pinoy food) cravings to heart because the freezer was basically pork bacon and lechon kawali! Haha!

Travel in Style with Packing Cubes


You might have noticed that TD and are frequent flyers. Though we are perpetually on a budget, this doesn’t keep us from travel in style and comfort. This means travelling smart, and a big part of this includes packing. What is the point of dressing or looking stylish during travel, if… ….your having a hard time with cumbersome luggage, losing your poise barely [read more]

Shortest escalator EVER

Short escalator Senayan City Mall

I’m having a hard time catching up with posts from recent trips to Manila, Bali and Ho Chi Minh. I never thought that I’d see the day that I would be in 4 cities (including Jakarta of course) in a single month! It’s been such a crazy, hectic but fun and awesome time for me. [read more]