I’ve already written about MoMo Cafe in the past, specifically the buffet breakfast that is served complimentary which our stay in Marriot Courtyard Hotel.

I have learned from my last stay (wherein I gained a whopping 3 Kg. because I enjoyed the Marriott breakfast too much) so I kept my breakfast to fruits and smoked salmon salad with mustard seeds for dressing together with a cappuccino each day.

Though there were days when Chef Sanjoy prepared a pinoy dish, like adobo or tapa (pictured below), then I would indulge with a bit of rice. Chef Sanjoy is the best! =DTapa for breakfast at marriott courtyard nusa dua bali

On my last stay I also realized that the appetizers (like the bruschetta below) are yummy and filling, yet light on the pocket too. These are things that I had to figure out because staying in a hotel for 1-2 weeks can be very detrimental to ones wallet and waistline. I also took a picture of some of TD’s meals, like the lasagna, roast chicken (above) and hamburger (below).

Restaurant Interiors

I like the interiors of MoMo Cafe. It’s modern with clean lines but still manages to exude warmth and color. In typical Bali style, most of it is not air-conditioned (except for a small portion below left) and it spills out to the pool. The area inside is non-smoking, while the al fresco area by the pool, is where people can smoke.

Stay tuned for more pictures of the beautiful lagoon pool tomorrow. Tomorrow’s entry is more of a photoblog. It was just so pretty, I couldn’t help but take photographs! =)


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    Hi, been glued to your blog & also Kaho’s blog for some time since i moved to Jakarta. Nice food pictures & stories about your adventure everyday….Hope to hear & see more of you…Hopefully to meet you in person too…

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