BALI HOTEL: Marriott Courtyard Lagoon Pool

I love hanging out by the Lagoon Pool in Marriott. It’s a beautiful pool, with a bar in the middle. It’s so nice to hang out (or blog) on a beach bed with an ice cold beer. They even have free WIFI by the pool. Awesome! Reading a book by the bar in the middle of the lagoon pool is also a nice way to spend the afternoon. It’s also a nice place to meet and chat with other hotel guests. One afternoon, I chatted with with Sudhir and learned so much about living in India and Australia.Another evening, we checked out happy hour (which is only served at the Lagoon Pool, not at MoMo) where they have buy one get one margaritas and some live music. We ended up meeting the owner and GM of the hotel and having beers with Chef Sanjoy, Geev and Emiel. I guess the Lagoon Pool is the place to be! LOL!

(Clockwise L-R) Frozen strawberry Margaritas, nuts and banana chips, fried shrimp wantons


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