How to Use Truffle Salt

I got an amazing package while I was in Manila: TRUFFLE SALT. As you can tell from my earlier posts here and here, I absolutely love truffles! This totally made my day. What a wonderful gift from Truffles & More! Thank you so so much!

The first time I tried Truffle Salt was on Lusso‘s Luxe Fries and it was love at first bite! (Lusso is owned by The Margarita Fores, and I’ll be doing a post on it soon.) I couldn’t wait to get to Jakarta and open this bottle of magic!

Sicilian sea salt mixed with dried summer truffles. When you open it, the strong aroma of truffles will hit you and make your mouth water!

truffles and more truffle saltThe best thing about Truffle Salt is that you don’t need to be a gourmet chef to use it. And it transforms the simplest dishes like corn, fries, popcorn, etc. into heavenly luxury treats. I’ve never been so ecstatic to take a bite out of corn-on-a-cob. Seriously. TD and I love it with popcorn too. Gourmet Kitschen renegade Erica Paredes recommended popcorn with truffle salt and honey to me on Twitter as well. Must try this son! (Click here to see how Erica used her Truffle Sampler package.)

Here is another way to use truffle salt.

Truffled Scrambled Eggs Truffles and More Truffle Salt-4

If you are not ready to commit to truffles, then why not try their Truffle Sampler Pack Php 600.00. Give it as a gift and it will surely delight! (Trust me, I’ve never been so happy to receive a jar of salt in my whole life! LOL!)

Click here to learn more about truffles! Did you know that mankind has been enjoying it for at least 3,600 years?!

I’ve only ever encountered Truffle Oil in Jakarta, so if you know of any place where we can order truffle products here, please drop me a line in the comments section below!

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* Truffle Salt c/o Truffles & More Philippines



For orders:

MANILA: • +63917.855.9637
CEBU: • +63917.320.0123
BACOLOD: 21 Restaurant, 21 Lacson St., Bacolod City
DAVAO: • +63918.940.9713or • 082.221.5674 (Leah)

Truffle Products:

Truffle Salt
Truffle Honey
Black and White Truffe Oil
Truffle Pasta Set
Whole Black Truffles
White Truffle Cream
Black Tartufa Sauce
Red Balsamic Vinegar Flavoured with White Truffles

Other Products:

Pure Spanish Saffron
Black and Green Olive Tapenade
Red and White Balsamic Cream

Lovely comments

  1. Ion says


    I checked the Trufles & More link you posted, but it directed me to your FB profile. Can you kindly check? :) I’m planning to order truffle salt because of your raves about this product.


    • says

      Hi there Ion,

      I’m glad that you are interested. Thanks for giving me feedback regarding the wrong link. It’s already fixed. You can also click on any of the other “Truffles and More” links on the entire blog and it will lead you to their official website or facebook page where you can find their contact details. I hope you love it as much as I do!

    • says

      Hi Jennifer, I am not connected with Truffles and More Philippines. I am merely a happy customer. If I recall correctly the bottle was P650, however it last SOOOO LONG! I still have my bottle and I bought it in 2011 December. The key is to keep it in an airtight container and away from sunlight and heat.

      Please click on the links above to see the Truffles and More website for more info. I also listed the complete contact details if you want to get in touch with them directly.


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