ILIGAN FOOD FIND: The Original Sunburst Chicken

After Typhoon Sendong, Irene of Mindanaoan came up with another (though indirect) way to help the areas affected by the flash floods…. a #VisitIligan and #VisitCDO blog campaign! I  am a believer in tourism – the influx of people (and spending) helps cities economically. So I’m going through all my pictures old and new and will start a #VisitIligann,  #VisitCDO and #VisitBukidnon series, starting it this post on the famous Sunburst Chicken, which is basically the KFC of the Southern Philippines. Thanks for coming up with this Mindanaoan!

For me it’s even better because they use less breading. If you get a chance to try it, I highly recommend that you do. I am proud to say that it originated in Iligan City!

My sunburst favorites: Chicken skin (OMG I think this might be even better than Cafe Juanita’s chicken skin!) and Rib keel. The chicken skin was featured by famous pinoy food blogger Anton Diaz here. I agree with him that it’s great with another famous Iligan product: Pinakurat vinegar!

Sunburst is best enjoyed with banana ketchup (weird right? usually I love tomato ketchup, but this is an exception to that rule – together with Max’s Fried Chicken) and San Mig Light!

Drumsticks and wings Aside from chicken they also have other dishes. I usually just eat the chicken. =P

Durian lovers can enjoy Durian Ice Cream or Durian Cheesecake for dessert. I am not a fan of Durian (You either hate it or love it) so I order their walnut pie. I love the filling, the crust not so much.

Going to the original Sunburst Restaurant is like traveling back in time. It has looked like this since I was a child. And my dad says that it’s look like this ever since his dad would take him as a kid too. Wow, talk about retro! 

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