DIPLO DIY: Bag Liner for Diplo Dog

While we were on holiday, they tried to kick DiploDog out of the building. It’s quite unfair because the policy is “no PETS allowed.” Those who have cats though freely flaunt them – I’ve even seen one tenant go up and down the elevator with his cat on his shoulder. So it is really only with dogs that the policy is implemented because Muslim tenants complain about them. To work around this we settled on an arrangement to cover up DiploDog completely every time he is brought down for a walk. This seems fair to me since, it is showing respect for our Muslim neighbors (Dog saliva is considered “haram” or unclean) so I immediately set out to make a bag liner for DiploDog’s bag made out of cheap canvas cloth from Majestic Market

Now you see him, now you don’t! =)

I wish I could share step by step instructions, but I really just made it up while I went along.

  • I just made sure that it was tall enough to cover him completely
  • With a drawstring closure on top to make sure that DiploDog is hidden. We don’t close it fully of course so that he has enough air to breathe.
  • The great thing about this canvas fabric is that it stands on its own.
  • I made the rope with scrap fabric that I sewed together and then inverted it. Perfect because I didn’t waste too much fabric!

DiploDog was such a good boy, modeling for my shoot. =)  What do you think of this DiploDIY project? =) Hope you like it!



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    brilliant!!! :-) i wish others have the same sensitivity and creativity like you. frankly, as Muslim, i cannot forget how I have to watch out around carefully when stepping into elevator, park, shopping complex etc. once, a puppy jumped from it’s owner lap towards me and i can’t help screaming out of shocked. that was embarrassing for both me and the dog’s owner i think.
    i hope diplodog is happy with your new creation. He looks so cute in it :-)

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      Hello there! I am glad that you think it’s brilliant! I definitely need the affirmation. And I really hope that our neighbors will feel the same way! It is really stressful for us as well because of course DiploDog is a part of our family and the constant danger that he will get kicked out is something that we have had to adjust to.

      I think that is the thing with apartments/condos – we must all do our best so that we can all live comfortably around each other with respect for each others space and religion. It’s something that I realize we learned to be more sensitive to when living abroad and learning how to adapt in the differences in culture and/or religion.

      I am so sorry to hear of what happened to you. I know how common dogs are in Manila and they are totally all over the place – parks, malls and condos! We sometimes forget that not everyone is going to be comfortable with their presence!

      Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I really really appreciate it!

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    Wow! Poor mutt, he’s forced to hide, while he could’ve stick his head out and take a look around the Manila scene…But that’s a really creative solution, great one Ma’am ;)

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      Haha Ellyna… In Manila he would be brought out without a bag and can just walk down the elevator haha. He’s a good boy and never complains – he seems used to it already and doesn’t make a peep. Thank you so much for dropping me a comment! =)


  1. […] We finally found 1 landlord in Brawijaya Apartment that allowed our dogs. He is Muslim, but because he was a customs official, he was rich and well-travelled (in fact his children ended up marrying in other parts of the world because they were sent to boarding school in Europe) so he didn’t mind dogs. We also made sure with the realtor who is connected with the apartments admin, that DiploDog was unofficially allowed, so if we had problems later on, she would help us. I also made sure that when DiploDog was taken for his walks he is well-hiden so as to be respectful … […]

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