BALI BUYS: Cheap Souvenirs at Krisna

For those of you looking for cheap souvenir in Bali, look no further! Krisna Oleh-Oleh Khas Bali is the place to go. You’ll find almost everything here in the convenience of a massive airconditioned store. Usually I like to haggle, but I find my inability to speak fluent Bahasa (with the correct accent) keeps me at a disadvantage in Bali. The price ends up higher because I am obviously a foreigner. So I actually prefer to shop in places like Krisna where the prices are fixed and lower than the more touristy markets. 

My partner in (shopping) crime and fellow uber-bargain hunter, Tita Noreen

You can find the herbal beauty products that are famous in Bali

And my favorite Bali product of all, the amazing SEKAR JAGAT LULUR TRADITIONAL. I swear this is the best brand of  (instant) Lulur that I’ve ever tried. I say instant because the original form of Lulur is a powder which you mix with warm water to create a paste. But for lazy people like me… this is pre-mixed already. All you need to do is apply and scrub!


An exfoliation and body polishing treatment in which a paste of sandalwood, turmeric, ground nuts, rice, and scented woods is painted on the body, left to dry, then gently rubbed off…

You can find everything from knick-knacks, to tropical necessities like hats and flip flops, shell products, silver (which Bali is known for), etc, etc.


When buying souvenirs, refrain from buying useless knick-knacks for your loved ones if you are not certain that they collect such things. It ends up  grudgingly displayed, as clutter stowed in some drawer or in the trash. Items that are useful (as long as it is also their style) will be appreciate more. Don’t buy crazy batik prints for people (like me) who like plain minimalist design.  But then again this is just my two cents on the matter, some people prefer to get something useless than nothing at all. As with any gift or token, it really depends on who you are buying for. =)

Krisna also has an entire section of local delicacies that you may wanna check out. I find it so interesting to see what people of different cultures or traditions eat.

After shopping you can rest awhile and quench your thirst (or hunger) in the eating area outside.  Which is a convenient place to rest if you are done shopping and are waiting for other people in your group. This is also very convenient for those shopping with children who tire easily.

If you are in Bali and you want to get souvenirs at local prices, Krisna is definitely the place to go!


Krisna Oleh-Oleh Khas Bali locations:

Krisna Nusa Indah

  • Jl. No Nusa Indah. 77 Denpasar Bali
  • Tel. 0361-262365, 264780

Krisna Nusa Kambangan

  • Jl. Nusa Kambangan 160 A Denpasar Bali
  • Tel. 0361-8423573, 8423574

Krisna Sunset Road

  • Jl. No Sunset Road. 88 Kuta Bali Abian Base
  • Tel. 0361-750031, 750987

Rama Krishna

  • Jl. Raya Tuban no 2x, Bali
  • Tel. 0361-764532

Lovely comments

  1. Kerrie Symes says

    Can I buy goods from your shop and it be sent over to Australia.
    Do you have a catalogue with pictures and prices. I recently was at your shop and be interested in buying more

  2. says

    Hi Kerrie, I am in no way connected to Krisna shop. I do have an online album for my own shop called Sorry I cannot help you with your interest in Krisna. Try clicking on any of the “Krisna” links above and you will find the official Krisna website and there is a CONTACT US page. Good luck!

      • Pearl says

        Thanks for your reply. I was too far from Denpasar (and the store you patronized), but ended up in one of the four Krisnas near the Kuta area. Thanks for your reply again!


  1. […] Traditionally Lulur is powder (pictured on the left), that is mixed into a paste with warm water. It is then scrubbed throughout the body (I don’t use it for my face) left for a few minutes (follow instruction on the packet)  then rinsed. When you follow the proper instructions (must be patient and do not rinse immediately!) it can have almost miraculous effects. Natatangal talaga lahat ng libag! Haha! Any dirt and dead skin cells will wash off to reveal super smooth and soft skin. I first tried traditional Lulur on a trip to Jogja. It’s also made and widely available in Bali (check out Krisna Bali) […]

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