VISIT CDO: Try the longest zipline in Asia

Another reason to visit CDO (Cagayan do Oro)  is to ride the longest zipline in Asia at Dahilayan Adventure Park which is a whopping 840 meters long. Dahilayan is in Bukidnon, and it takes only 1 hour to get there by car from CDO.


  • I highly recommend that you rent a 4 x 4 or a car that is not so low because there is a section that is unpaved where you will be driving on rocks. This is recommended but not necessary as we were able to go using a low car, though skilled driving is required to navigate the tricky rocks.
  • Bring a sweater as the climate is cool.
  • Wear shorts/pants + sneakers if you plan to try any of the activities.

I loved seeing the blue sky and all the lush greenery of the mountain.

Younger kids or those who are not so adventurous can try the shorter zipline. When you reach the end though, you have to walk back up to the main area.


For the 840 Meter Zipline, you will be taken up the mountain (about 1Km up) via 4 x 4 jeep. Your friends or family can come if they wanna take pictures of you and then they will be taken back down to where you will end via the same vehicle.

  • Dual Carrying cables each 840 meters long point to point, Safety cable also 840 meters long;
  • Elevation drop: 100meters
  • Estimated speed: 60-100KPH.
  • Launch point Location at 4000 ft ASL.

The launch padGetting strapped up and receiving instructions from the trained staffReady! Set! Go!

It really is an unforgettable experience and even TD who is usually afraid of heights loved it. It feels so surreal – like you are seeing yourself in a movie. The ride is so long that you get to enjoy looking at the pine trees, a stream and the gorgeous view. TD, whose hands usually sweat during movies with scary height scenes, was surprised that he totally didn’t break a sweat. It helped that the straps and body wrap felt so secure. I LOVED IT! What an adrenaline rush!


After ziplining, you can also try out the Zorbit and ATV down the road in the Forest Park. Fees below (click to enlarge).While we were paying, we encountered kids who were renting out their horses. (They are a bit skinny though.)Forest Park is super neat. I wish we had tried the play ground but the fog rolled in and it started raining. Still it was a wonderful, cool afternoon. 


It was funny hearing the girls scream while rolling. I don’t recommend this to people who easily get nauseous or puke. 


After all the excitement, you can either have a picnic at Forest Park (if you brought your own food) or head to Pine Grove Mountain Lodge’s restaurant for a meal. You can even stay overnight. They have a beautiful open air resto (no need for AC here!) which has such a warm homey vibe. The food is good! I recommend the Filipino dishes.
I really loved the lechon kawali (crispy pork) and the deconstructed kare-kare.  For the “silog” meals the tosilog is super yummy. I don’t recommend the tapsilog.

“-Silog” meals are popular breakfast meals in the Philippines. Usually you have it with TApa (dried beef) for TAPSILOG, TOcino (cured pork) for TOSILOG or LONGganisa (Philippine chorizos flavoured with indigenous spices) for LONGSILOG

__ + SI + LOG

      • SI is for SInangag or fried rice
      • LOG is for itLOG or egg in any way you like

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  • Dahilayan Adventure Park is in Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon Province, Philippines. Click here to see the map.
  • There is a shuttle from CDO (on weekends) if you don’t have a car. Click here for more info.
  • Mobile numbers
    • (SUN) 0922-880-1319
    • (GLOBE) 0917-622-3204
  • Landline Numbers (locals : 251 / 404)
    • (088)857-2663
    • (088)856-3690
    • (088)856-2102
  • Like them on Facebook
  • Click here to see other attractions in Dahilayan aside from those that I mentioned in the post.

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  1. Maybs says

    Wow looks great! Thanks for sharing! :) I tried the Zorb in Boracay.. so funny, all I heard on the way down were shouts and expletives from my partner in the zorb. haha! :P The zipline looks great! Did you try the water rafting too?

    • says

      Hi Maybs, yeah sobrang funny nga hearing the girls scream all the way down. I wasn’t brave enough because I get sick easily hehe. We’ve done white water rafting in CDO and it’s definitely an unforgettable experience – the caves, fossilized giant crustaceans and roller-coaster ride is something else! Have you tried rafting in CDO too?

      • Maybs says

        Hehe yeah medyo intense yung Zorb ride na harness.. May version na may water inside, parang nagwawater slide ka lang. :) I’ve tried rafting there a long time ago na, don’t remember the fossilized stuff.. but will definitely do it again in the future. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. says

    Bravo!You’re such an adventurous diplo wife! I went to CDO and Bukidnon precisely for the beautiful Kaamulan festival. The zipline and the zorbit look awesome. i wish i had had the chance to try (psttt! though i’m actually scare of height he3x)

    • says

      Thank you Just Me! I’ve never been to that festival. Do you have photos of it? I would love to see!

      You know what TD is deathly afraid of heights too but he said miraculously he didn’t even break a sweat with this one. You end up feeling like you are in a movie or something – it’s so unreal! I wouldn’t try the zorbit even if someone paid me though… I’m afraid to get sick on my poor partner! Hahaha!

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