DIPLO DECLUTTER: Organizing Travel Momentos

With the amount of traveling we’ve done (too much if you ask me!) I have given up on scrapbooking. I’ll just be happy to have all my little bits of paper, information or calling cards in an easy to find location when I need to refer to them for blog posts. Once I have the information on my blog, I actually get rid of the hardcopy so it doesn’t take up physical and mental space in my home. Here is what I accidentally came up with after TD assembled our IKEA Kassett boxes.


Initially I thought it would be the dumping box for all those yet-to-be-organized files. Until…. I realized that it could accommodate hanging folders! Weeeee! I grabbed some plastic hanging folders from ACE (they come out cheaper AND sturdier than the paper ones – cuter to boot!) and labeled them according to location with my trusty Manual Dymo Labele Maker. I also used my electronic Dymo LetraTag Label Maker (using the plastic white labels with extra large font) for the “TRAVEL” sign on the paper insert of the label holder. (Note: Label holder with paper included to indicate contents for easy overview.)

Now it’s easy to pull it out when I need to scan or take pictures of travel related momentos. So organized and so easy! ❤ 

I plan on using the other IKEA Kassett box for “HOUSEHOLD” files: house bills, maintenance receipts and appliance receipts/warranties. What do you think of my latest organizing project?


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  1. says

    We bought a Kassett box too!!! What a wonderful discovery on the hanging folders!!! I use the expandable folders we use back in the day for my document organizing but this looks way cooler plus I think it can accommodate more! Thanks for sharing sweetie!

    • says

      Yes this definitely accommodates more! I think as we grow older there is just SO much more paper work – right?!? I can’t believe your expandable folders can accommodate your files. I have a separate 2 drawer teak filing cabinet pero it doesn’t fit everything hehe so I decided to have separate file boxes for warranties/manuals and travel. =P

      Glad that my post is helpful for you sweety! And thanks for commenting!

  2. anne says

    Hi, just wondered which country Ikea you got these from? I see the link you added is the uk but is expired, and I have been trying to find these here but they seem to only have the other sizes. This size appears in a few pictures in the Ikea catalogue I have but isnt listed for sale either there or online.


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