TRAVEL DIARIES: Yuzana Hotel Yangon

We booked our hotels to Myanmar about a month ahead. Because of these our choices were limited. We got whatever we could. When we arrived in Yangon we stayed in Yuzana Hotel in Yangon which was quite old and not so clean. But the thing that made it all worth while was that it over-looked the most magnificent landmark of Yangon, the Shwaydegon Pagoda.

We got a Deluxe Suite with both a City View and Pagoda View. The in-laws at first got a smaller room with only a City View. They complained because they paid the same amount. At first they said that the entire hotel was full, but with a little insistence they got a room that seemed to be in the same category as what we got. So if you are booking here, make sure to request for a room with a Pagoda view.

I really felt like I stepped into an 80’s movie. My in-laws were saying it reminds them of hotels in Russia (where they stayed for quite a few years) complete with the “minder” in the corridor of each floor. The said that the old-style Russian hotels would have a babushka to take care of your need and watch over the guests.

Our room was sparse but huge. I was happy with the minimalist furniture. And I didn’t even expect to have a flatscreen TV and ref. YAY!If we had only known that the flatscreen would have a USB port, we would have brought a USB with movies and TV shows to watch to sleep. What an unexpected luxury! I am not sure if the other rooms below this category would have the same kind of TV.I was also surprised that the outlets were universal. Cool! And.. there were switches for each outlet.  I think this is to make it easier to “unplug” electronics because of the frequent black outs and electric surges with generators. That’s also why most hotels have voltage protectors for TVs and refrigerators.Before we got ready for bed we wiped all surfaces, light switches, door knobs, remote control and other frequently touched surfaces with alcohol free wetwipes because they were (visibly) dirty. We also sanitized the toilet seats but for the toilet/shower floor we had to spray with Lysol. (which we usually don’t use at home because it’s has toxic components that I don’t think are good for you in the long term and especially bad for small animals and babies)

Then it was time for bed and to enjoy the magical view of the Shwedagon Pagoda. The bed and pillows were a bit touch – TD and I both woke up with a sore back and a crick in the neck. But it did the job and I had no problem with bedbugs after I sprayed my Natural Bedbug spray from the Philippines.

I hear this is the only hotel with this magnificent view! (I am not really sure.)  We were happy with it for the price, the view and the size of the room. Just make sure to bring cleaning aids if you are particular about cleanliness and germs (or OC/allergic). =P



  • No.130, Shwegonedine Road, Bahan Township, Yangon Union of Myanmar.
  • Tel: 95-1-549600 Fax: 543835,544998
  • E-mail:
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Lovely comments

  1. Cheryl says

    We just went to Myanmar last week & had a fabulous time. We stayed at The Strand which was fantastic but lacked the great view you had. However, at Inle Lake I got bitten by bedbugs & now still spot the itchy red welts. Where did you get the Natural Bedbug spray in the Philippines? I’m going to Manila (I stayed there for 3.5 years) next month & will try to get a bottle or two!

    • says

      Hi Cheryl, I get my bedbug spray from Rustans Fresh Supermarket. Either the Rockwell or Shangri-la Mall branch will have it. Sometimes it’s out of stock so praying that they will have it when you go. If I ever go back to Myanmar, I would stay at a different (cleaner) hotel since I’ve already experienced the view at Yuzana. Will check out the Strand for sure if ever!

      Where did you stay in inle lake? Must be wary of it.. since I am super allergic to bedbugs! ACK.

  2. Cheryl says

    Thanks! I will surely check all the Rustan’s there is in Manila! I stayed at Inle Lake View Resort. The resort is really nice – it’s not on the lake but at the side of the lake – which is much better than on the lake (IMHO). But somehow I got unlucky & got bitten! My hubby & daughter were fine though. Btw, like you I’m also a diplo wife living in Jakarta! I’m glad I chanced through your blog – it is really great value & helpful for me. Keep on the good work.

    • says

      Hi Cheryl, it’s exactly the same with TD and me. I get bitten but he doesn’t. It just means that I am allergic to bedbugs bits, and he isn’t. So we can stay in a bedbug ridden place and he can go blissfully to sleep while I am being tortured haha. Maybe it’s the same for you and your daughter? That’s how my doctor explained it to me anyway.

      It’s good to “meet” you! And thank you for the sweet compliment on my blog!


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