Bicycling Around Nusa Dua

One thing you can do if you are staying in the Nusa Dua area in Bali is to go cycling around. The area is safe, but if you’re not confident on a bicycle it can still be a bit scary because of the motorcycles and cars. Note that there are areas where you have to go up and down on a dirt path so consider walking your bike through these difficult paths if you’re not a strong biker. Despite having a bike that was way to0 big for me (it was challenging to stop!) I have no regrets spending the afternoon exploring, especially with the great photos I got! See em after the jump!

Hope you liked my photo blog today! I am still trying to catch up on all my blogs. I have so much material that I can’t even keep up. Thank you for your patience!


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      Thanks Char! It was really worth it. I actually had a few heart-stopping moments where I thought I was going to to fall and get run over, but adrenaline kept me going and pedaling for my life. One thing I learned is to never get on a bike that is the wrong size! it’s sorta caucasian sized so the bikes were either too small or too big for me. But after seeing photos – I am super happy I went for it! =D


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